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B2B Fulfillment needs are different

Wholesale fulfillment has many complexities - EDI demands, pallet-case-each operations, labeling requirements, and major businesses partners on both ends of your business. We know your partners depend on you to ensure they are keeping their customers happy. The importance of every step in the operation is multiplied by the fact that margins are thin and the business on the receiving end has consumer expectations to meet.

We understand how wholesale is different and put focus on ensuring your needs are encompassed in every aspect of the application from receiving to shipping and everything in between. Speed matters, but careful planning and a systematic approach are the real differentiators here.   

Wholesale WMS



Know what you need to do, before you do it

Key Feature:

  • Purchase Orders / ASNs - Due dates and reminder metrics keep you ahead of the game
  • Order Delivery Windows - First and Last ship dates let you manage the outbound when the time comes
  • Order Staging - Pick today, ship tomorrow
  • Report Builder and Metrics - Analyze performance and trends when and how you want
  • Fulfillment Plans - Automate the steps for each unique scenario


Inbound begets Outbound

Key Features:

  • Inventory Control - Lots, Expiration, Serials and More
  • Single or Multi-step Receiving - Go from truck to location or stage at the receiving docs
  • Suggested Putaways - Store in optimal locations for better managed outbound operations
  • Lot / Location Control - Maximize use of space while maintaining lot integrity.


Make every move count

Key Features:

  • Integrations - Wholesale orders can be placed or integrated directly into Infoplus
  • Shipping Manifests - LTL and TL freight shipping documentation
  • Pallet In / Pallet Out - create labels and scan pallets for quick QC
  • Pick Routes- Every pick is longer on a forklift, ensure you're taking the most optimal route


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