Call Center: Create a New Customer

Learn how to create a new customer in the Infoplus Call Center via the OMS customer table.

Infoplus Call Center

    1. Access the “OMS Customer” table. See Access the "OMS Customer" Table for help.

    2. Click the Create New button in the top right. The "Creating New OMS Customer" screen appears.

      - During customer creation, when you see fields requesting a True or False selection, leaving the field blank is the same as selecting “False”.  Selecting “True” means you want to apply the field’s selection (i.e., select “True” in the “Email” field to indicate the customer wishes to subscribe to your emails).
      - If you want to delete a field selection, click the X that appears next to the selection. 
    3. Complete the form fields. Fields with an asterisk are required.
      - To add addresses, click the New link next to the “Bill To” and/or “Ship To Addresses” sections.
      - If the customer wishes to subscribe to the catalog, select “True” in the Catalog field.
      - If the customer wishes to subscribe to emails, select “True” in the Email field.
    4. Click Save.
    5. If you want to create an order for the customer, click the Next Steps button and select Create Order. See Create a New Order for more information.