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Compatible Scale Models

See a list of all the tested and verified scale models that will work with Infoplus after installing LocalConnect.

With Infoplus Scale integration, automatically capture the scale's reading directly into an Infoplus field when shipping. 

NOTE: To use Scale readings, Infoplus LocalConnect (a plug-In that lets Infoplus detect and use installed printers and scales) will need to be installed on your computer, and the scale connected to Infoplus. 

Infoplus LocalConnect has been tested with the scale models listed below; if you do not see your scale listed, your results may vary - you will need to do your own testing and configuration to confirm compatibility.  

    • DYMO Shipping scale S50
    • DYMO Shipping scale S100
    • DYMO Shipping scale S180
    • DYMO Postal scales M1
    • DYMO Postal scales M2
    • DYMO Postal scales M5
    • DYMO Postal scales M10
    • Metler Toledo PS6L
    • Metler Toledo PS60
    • Metler Toledo PS90