Create and Execute a Transfer

If you need to move existing inventory from one location to another, there are two steps: create a transfer and execute a transfer.

If you need to transfer a product from one warehouse to another, create and execute a Transfer. This is done by creating an Order with a Service-Type of "Transfer" and running the "Execute Transfer" process. Then fulfill the order and receive the inventory into the other warehouse. 

Key Points About Processing Transfer Orders:

  • Once a Transfer Order is fulfilled, a Transfer ASN will be created that is used to process receipt of the items into the other warehouse. The PO Number for the ASN will have a "T" at the end of the number.
  • Once you receive items from a Transfer ASN:
    • The Item Receipt record will show 0 Received Quantity so the transfer does not appear as a second receipt of the item(s). The PO Number showing the "T" will display in the Item Receipt record to indicate that the items were received from a Transfer Order. 
    • In addition, to register the updated inventory, an Inventory Adjustment will be created to adjust the inventory of the item(s). The Inventory Adjustment record will show an Adjustment Code of "Transfer". 

Create a Transfer Order

  1. Create an Order like you normally would, but select Transfer in the Service Type field. 

    A Customer is required. You may consider creating a Customer record for each of your warehouses. 

  2. The Carrier will default to a stock transfer carrier.

  3. Save the Order.

Execute the Transfer

  1. From within the Order record, or with the Order selected in the Order table, select Actions > Execute Transfer. The first step in the process displays.


  2. In the Destination Warehouse field, select the warehouse that the inventory is being transferred to.

  3. Click Next. The Review step in the process displays. If the transfer(s) can be executed, the "Results" will indicate that a Transfer ASN will be created for each order.


  4. Click Submit. The Confirmation step displays. The "Results" will indicate the ASN number for each order. It will also indicate the next steps to complete each transfer: Fulfill the Order and Receive the Transfer ASN.

  5. Click OK to exit the process. You will be taken back to the Order table.

Fulfill the Transfer Order

To fulfill a Transfer Order, follow the same fulfillment process as you would for any order, making the necessary fulfillment selections. See Run Fulfillment for more information.

NOTE:  One consideration specific to Transfer orders is regarding shipping:

  • If you will be shipping the order to the warehouse using a parcel carrier (e.g., because the warehouse is in a different state), you might ship the order using the Shipping Station Mobile App
  • If you will not be using a parcel carrier (e.g., because just a stock transfer), you might choose to use the Ship Non-Parcel Order process to ship the order. 

Receive the Transfer ASN

Once a Transfer Order has been fulfilled, a Transfer ASN for the item(s) will be created. You can now receive the items as you would for any Advanced Shipping Notification.

NOTE: For an ASN created through a Transfer Order, the PO Number will show a "T" at the end of the number. Here's an example of an ASN record that was created after fulfilling a Transfer Order. 

Continue through the receiving process by either using Interactive Receiving in the Mobile App, or creating a Receiving Worksheet in the Desktop App, closing the worksheet, putting the items away, and committing the item receipts.

The transfer is complete.