Create Job Recipes

Use a job recipe when you want to run a job to assemble multiple pieces that makeup one item or SKU.

A Job Recipe is a blueprint that can be used to create Jobs. Jobs are used to facilitate the building and tracking of items that are made up of 1 or more component items.

Create one Job Recipe at a time, or bulk load many Job Recipes at once from a spreadsheet.

Once a Job Recipe is created, you can use the Recipe to create individual Jobs of your choice. 

How to Create a Job Recipe

  1. Access the Job Recipe table. Two ways:
    1. From the Dashboard: Click the “Warehouse Operations” tab, click the “Job Recipe Setup” App, then click the “Job Recipe” Table.
    2. From the Quick Actions shortcut: Press the dot (period) on your keyboard, then select “Job Recipe” from the list of Quick Actions.

  2. Click the Create New button at the top right.  The "Creating New Job Recipe" screen appears.

  3. Name the Job Recipe something that's easily recognizable and explains what the recipe will be used to build, like "Holiday Gift Basket".
  4. Select the LOB the Job Recipe should be associated to.  Optionally associate the Job Recipe with a Warehouse.
  5. Select the Fulfillment Plan that will be used when a Job created from a Job Recipe is executed, which will then remove the Job Inputs from inventory.
  6. Select the Layout which defines how you have your input items organized - Layout by Assembly or Layout by SKU. 
  7. Select if Assemblies and/or Steps should be tracked when completing a job.  Here are the implications of these settings:
    1. Track Assemblies but not Steps - Identify each assembly until the Assembly Quantity is met.
    2. Track Both Assemblies and Steps - Identify an assembly then see the steps for that assembly. This repeats until the Assembly Quantity is met.
    3. Track Steps not Assemblies - See the steps only each time an assembly is completed.
    4. Track neither Steps nor Assemblies
  8. Enter Assembly Instructions that will assist with a completing a job.  For example, if assembling a Holiday Gift Basket, the Assembly Instructions could be something like, "Line basket with green paper insert, add 2 blocks of pepperjack cheese, 1 log of cured sausage, then fill gaps with 10 chocolate candies."
  9. Next, select which Input items should be included in the job and what output item(s) are produced by completing a job. Click the Add button next to each header then select the necessary Items and Quantity.  

  10. Add the steps needed to complete the assembly of a job.  Optionally add assembly instructions for each step.  Using our Holiday Gift Basket example, the steps would look something like this:

  11. Finally, save the job recipe once all necessary fields have been filled in.