FAQs / Error Messages for Shipping/EasyPost/Parcels

Quick answers to the most asked questions and resolved error messages for Shipping, EasyPost connections, parcels, and parcel labels.

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    FAQ Table of Contents: 

    How do I set up my printer?

    You need to download an extension that Infoplus uses to connect to printers called Local Connect. See this article to learn how to set that up.

    Can I set up multiple printers?

    Yes. We have a list of compatible printers that have been tested and verified to work with Infoplus, you can see that list here.

    Do I need to use EasyPost?

    Yes, you will need to use EasyPost unless you use an external shipping station. 

    EasyPost connects your Carriers (such as USPS, UPS, FedEx) to Infoplus so you can automatically receive shipping labels and shipping rates. 

    If you are interested in using an external shipping station, see how to set that up here.

    How do I set up EasyPost?

    Your EasyPost account will get set up for you during onboarding. However, if you want to add a carrier to your EasyPost account, we have a step-by-step guide you can follow here.

    Do I need to have a packing slip and invoice to ship orders?

    To run fulfillment, adding a packing slip and invoice is required. You can set this up in 3 ways: 1) At the order level, 2) On the fulfillment plan, and 3) At the LOB level

    Error Message Table of Contents:

    Error: Your account has been temporarily rate limited due to excessive resource consumption. Please contact Support if you believe this is in error.

    What it Means: This is an EasyPost error: their anti-fraud system flagged the account for manual review, restricting certain actions on their account.

    How to Fix It: 

    Not to worry; this is completely normal and standard procedure. 

    They’ll need to add a payment method (if they have not already done so), to their EasyPost account and provide the following information to EasyPost along with their EasyPost username:

    What city and zip code will you be mostly shipping from?

    What kind of product are you generally shipping?

    How many packages per month do you intend to ship through EasyPost?

    Can you provide us with the website and phone number for your business?

    EasyPost will then forward the answers over to their anti-fraud team for review, and they’ll get the user shipping as soon as possible, assuming the anti-fraud team doesn't have any follow-up questions!

    Error: Error shipping order XXX: Carrier service XXXX is not available for this shipment. A rate was received for XXXXX and XXXXX.

    What it Means: NEEDS CLARITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How to Fix It: I found this to be a true statement! If the order is an international order and they’ve tried all options within the error, they still receive the error then their rates are only for domestic orders, they’ll need to check with their rep to see if they have international rates within their plan.

    Error: This Shipment was not manifested Error shipping order XXX: FedExSmartPost returned error: Authentication Failed

    What it Means: That means a meter was set up when the FedEx SmartPost Account was created in EasyPost but there was never a requested authorization to ship labels with this account.

    How to Fix It: Contact your FedEx representative or FedEx Support (1.877.339.2774 (prompted, say “web services”)) and ask them for help with completing the authorization step. In the past, they needed the meter number and authentication key, however, the authentication key is no longer under the FedEx accounts once you edit it in EasyPost. 

    Whatever they'll need can be accessed in EasyPost, step and you try producing a label again.

    Error: Order cannot be shipped because it has been sent to an external shipping system

    What it Means: You need to ship the order in your external shipping system.

    How to Fix It: Ship in your external shipping system. Make sure you have external shipping set up in your fulfillment plan. This means you have the shipping station set up to communicate when the order is fulfilled to Infoplus. 

    Error: Error shipping order XXX: Unable to complete shipment purchase: Unable to verify shipping rate to complete purchase.

    What it Means: Can't find the parcel rate to ship

    How to Fix It: Your weights might be out of range. You can try running rate shopping to see if this returns any results. 

    Error: Error shipping order XXXXX: The shipper cannot use the provided UPS account number as the payment method.

    What it Means: UPS payment is outdated/ issue with UPS account

    How to Fix It: Go to your UPS account homepage and see if your payment information is correct and updated or if there are any other errors with your account. 

    Error: Error shipping order XXX. There was a problem creating labels (“error” “Missing or invalid attribute(s) parcel (shipment parcel weight must be greater than or equal to the total of shipment customs_info.customs_items weight)

    What it Means: The weight for your order is outside the acceptable margin of error

    How to Fix It: Check the discrepancy in weight and correct it. You can change the weight when you receive items or on the Item table. In the warehouse tab, you can check the weight of a parcel in the pack station before it ships. 

    Error: FedEx returned error/ Authentication Failed 

    What it Means: Something is wrong with the FedEx account on the order or the 3rd party FedEx account

    How to Fix It: Log in to your FedEx account to see what errors are causing the authentication failure. 

    Error: Packing for this order was started, but not finished.

    What it Means: The order is not ready to ship because it has not been fully packed into a carton

    How to Fix It: You need to fully complete packing each order before Infoplus will allow you to ship them out. 

    Error: Problem: This order exceeds the maximum number of cartons that can be shipped for a parcel order

    What it Means: The maximum number of cartons that can be shipped with one order is 50. 

    How to Fix It: You may need to split up your order or use a different shipping method to proceed.