FAQs / Error Messages for Fulfillment

Running into errors during Fulfillment? We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and errors users encounter in Fulfillment and how to fix them.

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    FAQ Table of Contents: 

    Do I need to run fulfillment?

    Yes, that will allow the order status to change thus “shipping out the order, along with updating the inventory correctly.

    Can I get a parcel label without running fulfillment?

    No, it is not possible for an order to avoid fulfillment.

    Can I run fulfillment automatically?

    Yes. A combination of scripts and triggers can run fulfillment without user input.

    Do I have to use the mobile floors app to run fulfillment?

    No, you can use the desktop Infoplus version to allocate orders. You can fulfill, pack, ship orders without ever going to the mobile floors apps.

    Why does my fulfillment process go to V1?

    This can happen for a variety of reasons. The most common is that the order contains supplements or substitutes. This makes Infoplus use V1 and not V2

    What is the difference between V1 and V2 when creating a fulfillment plan?

    They are similar, but V1 and V2 support different fulfillment functionalities in Infoplus. Depending on what type of orders you are fulfilling you might need to use one of the specific versions. 

    What is Fulfillment 2.0?

    As of September 1, 2017, Infoplus has released version 2.0 (beta) of Fulfillment Processing. In this new version of order processing, we have focused on radically changing the speed of the allocation phase of order processing, while maintaining complete backward compatibility with version 1.0.  This means that your fulfillment operations will continue to function the same as they have in the past, only you'll get that work out of Infoplus faster than ever before.

    To use the new version, you must select it when you run a Fulfillment Process, or you can save it as part of your Fulfillment Plans, and it will automatically be used when those Plans are ran. If you run a Fulfillment Process and do not specify a version, you will get version 1.0 as you have in the past.

    Can I run fulfillment without pick, pack, and ship?

    Yes, when running fulfillment select allocation only

    Do I need a fulfillment plan to run fulfillment?

    Yes, you but you may also set a fulfillment plan up by choosing run without a plan

    How do I make sure that my team is accurately scanning during picking?

    Set up pick scan scheme and add into the fulfillment plan

    How do I make a work batch a higher priority than other orders?

    If you want to change the way that work batches are sorted in the Find Work app, enter a numeric higher priority.

    Work batches are sorted by priority descending. This means that higher numbers indicate higher priority.

    If no priority code is specified in the Fulfillment Plan (or Process), a default value of 1 will be used.

    Can I pick and pack in Infoplus, but ship out of another system?

    Yes, set your fulfillment plan to external shipping and setup your external shipping system

    Do I need an order assembly guide?

    No, unless you are setting up kits or have instructions to include bubble wrap, etc

    Do I have to have an order smart filter?

    Yes, but you can have multiple order smart filter for a different fulfillment plan

    How do I have my pickers only pick from a specific area?

    Set a location smart filter

    What do I need to run mass distribution?

    The quantity of the item has to be the same and same line of business

    Do I need cartons to use cartonization?

    Yes, you can create cartons on the carton table

    Error Message Table of Contents: 

    Error: Need packing slip and invoice template

    What it Means: Need to include the packing slip and invoice template in the fulfillment plan

    How to Fix It: Go back to your fulfillment plan and you will need to include select Yes or Yes at Packing Station from the Create Packing Slip and Create Order Invoice dropdowns. You can create a packing slip template that is unique or just use a generic one Infoplus automatically creates. 

    Error: There is no parcel assigned

    What it Means: Parcel account is not connected to the carrier account

    How to Fix It: You will need to run diagnostics to see why the parcel account is not connected to the carrier account 

    @stephenie -- what would they actually do to alleviate this. 

    Error: Unable to run cartonization

    What it Means: Dimensions and cartons need to be set up before cartonization can run. 

    How to Fix It: Add length, width, and height to all items in the order and add cartons to the carton table.

    Error: Allocating planned inventory to this order failed, due to inventory contention.

    What it Means: This error occurs if too many processes are running concurrently, or one really large process gets pushed through at once.

    Essentially, due to the large number of processes being run at this time, the order prioritization rules will start blocking inventory from allocating until a "spot" can be found for them. 

    How to Fix It: Break the large order up into a few smaller batches and run it through fulfillment again. Make sure these processes aren't all running concurrently or you could run into this situation again.