Query Available Item Quantity via the Infoplus API

Use the API to quickly call Infoplus to see how many of any particular items you currently have on hand.

By hitting the item endpoint in the Infoplus API, you can retrieve all the quantity fields for an item, including Available Quantity.

For more information about the quantity fields in Infoplus, see our View Items article

When hitting the item API endpoint, a filter can be called out in the URL to only retrieve data for a single SKU.  In the example below, we're using the API to retrieve all possible data for the SKU TEST-ITEM-1.  This is just an example, so when using this against your Infoplus site, be sure to adjust the API Key and client-specific URL (I.E. replace "YOUR-API-KEY-HERE" and "carlscandy".)

This example includes URI encoding, but without the encoding the filter portion is saying:

curl -s -H API-Key:YOUR-API-KEY-HERE "https://carlscandy.infopluswms.com/infoplus-wms/api/beta/item/search?filter=sku%20eq%20%22TEST-ITEM-1%22"


This example will retrieve all possible quantity fields and attributes of the SKU TEST-ITEM-1.

sku eq "TEST-ITEM-1"


To only retrieve the availableQuantity field for an item, we can use jq to parse the JSON being returned by the API:

curl -s -H API-Key:YOUR-API-KEY-HERE "https://carlscandy.infopluswms.com/infoplus-wms/api/beta/item/search?filter=sku%20eq%20%22TEST-ITEM-1%22" | jq '.[] .availableQuantity'

For more information about different filters that can be used, and a full list of item field names that can be retrieved by the API, see our API Reference Site