How to Void a Parcel Label

Learn how to void a parcel label in Infoplus when you have the wrong address for a shipment or are testing new parcel accounts.

If you are testing your parcel accounts in Infoplus or need to change the address for a package, you might need to void the parcel label. Here is how to void a parcel label in Infoplus: 

You can void parcel labels on orders as long as the order has not yet been scanned by the carrier. 

  1. Navigate to the Orders Table
  2. Select the orders you want to Void the Parcel Label for by checking the box to the far left of each line item you want. 
  3. Click on the Actions tab in the top right and select "Void Order Parcel Labels"

Important Note: If an order has multiple shipping labels in it, you cannot void just one label, every label in that order will be voided. However, there is a workaround for this that ensures the orders you did not want to void get back into the correct "shipped" status.

Labels created for UPS, FedEx, and DHL are not charged until the carrier scans. So any accidental labels for these carriers don't cost you anything more than a few cents for a piece of label paper.

Labels created for USPS get charged upon creation of the label, so if one is accidentally created, the user can void the label in Infoplus (by following the process above) and then contact EasyPost to make sure they are refunded.