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Manage Carriers in Infoplus

To ship orders using Infoplus, you will need to set up and manage each unique carrier you might use in Infoplus so the software recognizes them.

All orders and shipments in Infoplus are associated to a Carrier record. For parcel carriers, this record represents both the company, and the service level offered by that company (for example, FedEx vs. UPS, and UPS Ground vs. UPS 1st Day Air).  For non-parcel carriers (i.e., LTL trucks, local couriers, etc), the carrier record serves to simply identify the company you are shipping with.  

To manage the Carriers that you have access to in Infoplus, you can use the Carriers table.  

There are two way to access the Carrier table: 

  • From the Dashboard > Click the Apps tab > Manifest Setup App > “Carrier” Table
  • From the Quick Actions shortcut > Press a dot (period) on your keyboard, > select Carrier from the list of Quick Actions

In this table there are several actions you can take to customize the carrier options you have available:

Create a Non-Parcel Carrier

  1. Click the Create New button. The Creating New Carrier screen appears:

  2. In the Carrier Company field, choose Generic LTL/Courier.
  3. Note that the Parcel Service field will be disabled when creating a non-parcel carrier, so you can skip this field.
  4. Enter the Name for the carrier that you would like to see throughout Infoplus when working with this carrier, for example when creating an order, or printing a Packing Slip.
  5. Click Save. The Carrier is saved and displays in the table.

Edit (Rename) a Carrier

  1. From the carrier table, find the carrier you wish to edit.  Click the Edit option in the Actions menu.  The Editing Carrier screen appears:
  2. You can change the carrier's Name on this screen, which is how it will appear throughout your Infoplus site.  
  3. Click the Save button to make your change take effect.  

Delete a Carrier

Note: When you delete a carrier, you will still see it on previously entered orders and shipments. But you will not be able to select the carrier when doing queries or when creating or editing records.  

  1. From the carrier table, find the carrier you wish to delete.  Click the Delete option in the Actions menu.  
  2. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to delete the carrier.  If you choose OK, the carrier will be deleted, and will no longer be offered as an option in the Carrier dropdown menus throughout Infoplus.  
  3. Alternatively, from the Carrier table, you can check the boxes next to multiple carriers, and use Actions > Bulk Delete to remove multiple carriers at the same time.

Activate a Parcel Carrier Service

If you want to activate a Parcel carrier service, that Infoplus supports, but which isn't currently active on your site, you can do this by accessing the Creating New Carrier screen, choosing the Carrier Company and Parcel Service (from the list of companies and services that Infoplus is integrated with), and clicking Save.  Note that you may need to activate a new Parcel Account for any new companies that you setup, and you will receive an error if you try to activate a service that already exists in your account.