Reconcile Parcel Invoice Line - 3PL Billing

Keep track of your parcel invoices for clients and reconcile any outstanding or incorrect charges via the Reconcole Parcel Invoice Line table.

The Reconcile Parcel Invoice Line table identifies the shipments and orders associated with a Parcel Invoice Line from the tracking number and any reference fields and links them together.

How Does This Work?

The Infoplus user will first upload a parcel invoice using the "Upload Parcel Invoice" Process, which will populate the Parcel Invoice Line Table. They then use the "Reconcile Parcel Invoice Lines" Process, which takes the records from the Parcel Invoice Line Table and attempts to link these records to shipments and orders (using the tracking number and any reference fields).

Linking the records on the Parcel Invoice Line Table to the shipment and order they are associated with allows you to bill based on what you were actually charged (because sometimes carriers will add charges, which don't show up until they invoice the client, so it isn't included on our shipment table).

For example, FedEx will sometimes add additional charges to packages when they process and deliver them. They are able to add additional charges like:

  1. Weight adjustments - When a label is purchased, it's based on the weight submitted. If they weigh the package and it's different they may adjust the charge.
  2. Residential adjustments - If a package is submitted as commercial, but the driver determines it's actually residential, they may adjust the charges.
  3. Dimensional charges - If the package dimensions are different than submitted if FedEx updates those it's possible that could incur additional charges.
You can use the information provided from Reconcile Parcel Invoice Line to update or create 3PL Billing Records for these types of scenarios.

Reconcile Parcel Invoice Lines does not update any values for order/shipment freight amounts.