Residential vs Commercial Shipping in Infoplus

Sometimes orders default to Commercial even if they are meant to be residential, causing unexpected charges after delivery.

Some Infoplus users have reported a specific shipping bug related to shipping with FedEx. Users are seeing Infoplus automatically change their FedEx Ground shipping default to Home Delivery (which typically has higher rates) instead of Commercial Ground for FedEx (which is usually discounted). 

Users are reporting that Infoplus is defaulting to Home Delivery even when it should be using Commercial Delivery for orders shipped via FedEx. 

After doing some research on why this might occur, we discovered a few things that help explain this behavior: 

  1. Infoplus checks the order's shipping address via the carrier's information to determine if the address is residential or commercial. If the carrier comes back with an error, Infoplus will default to commercial shipping. 
  2. If this error occurs, Infoplus assumes it is a Commercial Address (even if it is actually residential). If later in the shipping process, it becomes clear the address is residential, a price adjustment can be added to the shipper for the higher cost of Residential Delivery. 

What Can I Do About This?

We understand this can be very frustrating for Infoplus users. A good way to check to see if an address validation occurred is to go to the order and check to see if this tag is displayed: Tag: ipsys-parcel-address-type-check-failed.

If you see this tag on any active orders, Infoplus received an address validation error from the carrier, which means it defaulted to Commercial Delivery (even if it is actually a Residential Delivery). 

You can override this behavior in Infoplus so it does not assume any error returns from carrier default to Commercial. Here's how: 

  1. Navigate to your Order Property Override table
  2. Click 'Create New' 
  3. Select Parcel > Unverified Addresses > Submit As Residential to True in the Order Property Field
  4. In the Override Value Field, select True
    1. Here is an explanation of the behavior you can expect depending on whether you choose True or False in the OVerride Value Field:

  5. Click Save

This table lets users override the default behavior (Default Value of Commercial). You can set the override at the client, client/LOB, or client/LOB/Order Source level.

Pro Tip: This method may also result in additional charges from FedEX of course if the address is later determined to be commercial.


Another scenario that may occur is address validation does properly go through, but a FedEx driver may determine once they deliver the package the address is commercial/residential and override the original address validation.