Serial Numbers in Infoplus (Item Serial/Item Serial Scheme)

Serial Numbers in Infoplus (Item Serial/Item Serial Scheme)

Item Serial Schemes is a table in Infoplus that allows users to setup how serial numbers and other item identifiers can be captured and stored in Infoplus.  Based on how your items are setup, the Receiving & Shipping warehouse apps will then prompt you to record these values when you are receiving goods and/or shipping orders.

Users can setup schemes for different types of items/serials that they want to configure. The Item Serial Scheme table can be used to create unique receiving and shipping behaviors for different items.  Additional fields can be added to be captured along with the serial number as well.  For example, certain products may have more than just 1 unique barcode on them, such as IMEI or ICCID numbers on cell phones.

Steps to create a new Item Serial Scheme:

1. Open up the Item Serial Scheme page.

2. At the top right, click 'Create New'.

3. On the 'Creating New Item Serial Scheme' page, enter a name for your new scheme.

4. Select a Receiving Behavior. Your options are Disabled, Optional, or Required.

5. Select a Shipping Behavior. Your options are Disabled, Optional, or Required.

6. Decide if you require a unique identifier.

7. To enable the use of additional fields, please contact Infoplus Support to add them to your site.

After you have created your Item Serial Schemes, they must be assigned to your Item records.  This can be done by editing an item, navigating to the Operations tab, and modifying the Item Serial Scheme field.  After that, the Receiving and Shipping apps will allow you to enter these values.  

Once serials have been captured, they are stored in the Item Serial table.  The Item Serial entries are tied to corresponding item receipts, ASNs, and orders that they have associated with. Any additional fields that the user has decided to require from the Item Serial Scheme will be under the additional fields tab. The Item Serial table has all of the same filtering and reporting capabilities as all other Infoplus tables.

Steps to use serial capturing:

1.  Navigate to the Receiving Criteria global setting (Item Serial Scheme-->Behavior-->Receiving Behavior). From there, you can add serial capturing as 'required'.

2. Open up the Receiving App (beta) by using the quick action dot (.) menu and selecting 'Receiving App'.

3. Once you've selected a warehouse, navigate to Inventory--> Receiving.

4. The app will walk you through the normal steps for receiving. Once you arrive at Receipt Quantity, Infoplus will ask you enter serial numbers. This step will ask you to identify serial numbers and IMEI's as you receive in product. For example, if you receive in a quantity of 10 of a product that requires serial capture, the system will prompt you to scan a serial/IMEI 10 times in a row.

5. Fill everything in and complete put away to finish.