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    Support Acceptable Use Policy

    last updated Apr 2021

    Please read this acceptable use policy carefully before contacting Infoplus Commerce Support. 

    The mission of Infoplus Support is to assist our customers to become self-sufficient through timely, accurate, and dedicated support. We commit to providing you access to resources and helping you discover the troubleshooting abilities within Infoplus.

    1. Support Expectations
      1. Infoplus Support will never touch or manipulate your data in any way. 
      2. Infoplus Support will inform you if your request is not supported in the application.
      3. Infoplus Support will help you diagnose orders and processes stuck in an error state, or assist with unusual system behavior you have identified. 
      4. Infoplus Support is not responsible for providing recommendations for your business or consulting services. 
      5. Infoplus Support will not test potential scenarios or ideas on your behalf.
        1. You may use your Infoplus Test “sandbox” environment to test a proof of concept.
      6. When an issue/bug is identified, we will do our best to provide a workaround. We do not offer guarantees that every bug will be fixed.
    2. Acceptable Use of Support
      1. When entering support tickets:
        1. Prior to submitting a ticket, review our Knowledge Base articles thoroughly.
        2. Please keep to one issue per ticket. 
        3. Please be specific, include order/process numbers, and screenshots (if applicable).
        4. Please avoid entering multiple tickets on one issue. This causes unnecessary delays.
      2. Communication Policy:
        1. The Infoplus Support team communicates with our customers through the use of a  ticketing system only. 
        2. Please do not attempt to contact a support agent or any other Infoplus Commerce personnel via other means, such as but not limited to: email, personal phone calls, text messages, or social media.
        3. Occasionally a support agent will determine that a video call is necessary; these calls will be scheduled at the support agent’s discretion. Beyond these calls, video/phone support is not a service that we provide.
        4. Infoplus Engineers are not available for calls of any kind.
    3. Prohibited Behavior:
      1. Obscenities or abusive language towards Infoplus personnel will not be tolerated. 
      2. No usage of the support ticketing system to sell or solicit business will be permitted.
    4. Enforcement:
      1. Infoplus reserves the right to take action against any violations, up to and including termination of your account.