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    February 12, 2021

    Infoplus Product Update: Allow Entry of Item Quantities in Pack Station App + LOB Bug Fix

    Users can manually key in the quantity of a SKU that is in each order when the new setting is set to true in the Warehouse table. This update will save time and make the packing process easier for large orders with large quantities of the same SKU.

    Allow Entry of Item Quantities - Pack Station

    Save time and effort by only scanning a SKU once when there are multiple items with the same SKU in one order. 

    This new feature is automatically turned off (set to False) for all warehouses. You will need to manually navigate to the Warehouse Table and set this to True for each warehouse. To learn how to turn this setting to True, view our Knowledge Base article that walks you through the steps. 

    There are a few new buttons and options that accompany this update:

    • New Setting: 'Allow Entry of Item Quantities' in the Warehouse table under the Pack Station Criteria tab

    • New Button: 'Enter Quantity' in the Pack Station App (only visible when feature is set to True)
      Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 11.43.36 AM
    • New Link: 'Edit' next to the Unpack link when filling an order (only visible when feature is set to True)

    Edit Link:
    The Edit Link shown in the screenshot above allows the user to key in the exact amount of a specific SKU that should go in the relevant carton. For example, if the order has 10 SKU1s in it, but you accidentally key in 100 SKU1s, you can click “Edit” and key in 10 to correct that mistake.

    Unpack Link:
    The Unpack Link shown in the screenshot above will remove one of the related SKU from the carton each time you click it. 

    Enter Quantity Button: 
    The Enter Quantity Button will need to be clicked after you scan in the SKU. Once you enter in the SKU and click the Enter Quantity Button, you can then key in the exact quantity of the specified SKU that should go in the related carton. 

    Note: This new feature is automatically set to False in the Warehouse Table under the Pack Station Criteria tab. When “Allow Entry of Item Quantities” is set to False, you will not see the 'Enter Quantity' button or 'Edit' link in the pack station.

    To learn more about how to set up and best utilize the Enter Item Quantity update, take a look at the Knowledge Base article, which will take you step-by-step through how to enable this feature and the changes to the Pack Station App.

    Bug Fix: LOB Assigned to All Users

    This release addressed a bug fix for the issue where all newly created LOBs were assigned to all roles in your Infoplus account. Now, all new LOBs will automatically be assigned to “Account Services”, “Administrator” and “Warehouse Operations” roles. 

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