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    April 26, 2024

    Infoplus Product Update - Apr 26 2024

    The Headlines: 

    In our latest release, we're happy to announce we've introduced a bug fix, a new table, and a new Shopify webhook. Check out the details below!

    • New Table: "Dropship"
    • New Shopify Webhook: "Inventory Items: Create"
    • Bug Fix: ASN Status Evaluation

    New Table: "Dropship"

    The new "Dropship" table allows for improved visibility and management of order line items with a fulfillment channel of Outside Vendor. When an order is processed through fulfillment and it has a line item with the status of Outside Vendor, a record will be inserted into the Dropship table. Workflows can be built utilizing the Dropship table to manage and track transmission of these orders to the Outside Vendor. 

    New Shopify Webhook: "Inventory Items: Create"

    We've made an improvement to our Shopify shopping cart integration with the addition of support for the Shopify webhook "Inventory Items: Create." Now, every time a new Item is created in Shopify, this webhook will fire and alert Infoplus about this new Item. This prevents issues where inventory synchronization would not identify newly created Items in Shopify if the item already existed in Infoplus and had no activity on it within the inventory synchronization time window. Users do not have to take any action to utilize this webhook; it has already been applied to all Shopify shopping carts.

    Bug Fix: ASN Status Evaluation

    There was a bug identified where if a line was partially received an ASN so that another Item Receipt was automatically generated to receive the remaining quantity, the ASN status would rarely go to "Received," when it should have been "Partially Received" since another Item Receipt was created and the full quantity was not yet received. The status would correct itself to "Partially Received" after a short period, but the newly generated Item Receipt could not be received in that short period. This has been fixed so that the ASN status will correctly go to "Received" in this situation every time.


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