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    April 8, 2022

    Infoplus Product Update - April 8, 2022

    The Headlines:

    Infoplus released a product update last night to get out some outstanding bug fixes and updates to ensure continued success for all Infoplus users. Here is a rundown of what was released in last night’s update: 

    • Bug: Code Fix for Production Database Configuration Issue
    • New API Endpoint for Packing Details Table
    • Update Print Node Job IDs

    Bug: Code Fix for Production Database Configuration Issue

    After last week’s product update, a bug was discovered that caused some database inconsistencies. The error message was “create_date cannot be null”. This bug caused an error when bulk uploading quick receipts, generating 3PL billing worksheet lines, and transforming inventory that Infoplus was unable to execute. This bug also caused orders to get a tag saying the address was not valid. 

    The root of these issues was identified and this product release fixed all the aforementioned errors so users should not encounter them going forward.

    New API Endpoint for Packing Details Table

    We’ve added some new endpoints to the Infoplus API that will allow users to easily gather packing details. Previously, users would have to make multiple API calls to multiple tables within Infoplus. Now, to make access to this information easier, we exposed the Infoplus API directly to the Packing Details table. This allows users to easily obtain packing details, such as the SSCC value or packed quantity value, through one API call instead of many. 

    Update Print Node Job IDs

    The development team expanded the capacity of the Infoplus Print Node to handle the growing amount of Job IDs in the system created by printing using Infoplus’ Local Connect.

    New and Updated Knowledge Base Articles

    We are always updating, editing, and adding new Knowledge Base articles to better address common questions and scenarios our clients bring to us. Check out these recently new or updated articles for insight into best practices within Infoplus:

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