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    July 22, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update - Coming Soon:  Pallets, Master Cartons, and GS1-128 Labels

    We are excited to give all Infoplus users advanced notice about some new features which we are planning to roll out in the next few weeks to support Pallets, Master Cartons, and GS1-128 Labels.

    The first of these features will be a new concept in Infoplus called Loads.

    • Loads will be a new core record type in Infoplus, initially used to implement the tracking of outbound pallets and master cartons, as well as staged outbound cartons.
    • Using Loads you’ll be able to track your pallet shipments, create master cartons (both spanning multiple orders), put away staged orders into warehouse locations, and see full packing details through all of these shipment levels. 
    • Loads will also provide the foundation for future use cases of storing more than just identified inventory in your warehouse locations.

    In addition to Loads, Infoplus will also be adding the ability for you to create GS1-128 Labels

    • These labels (formerly known as UCC-128 labels) are required by many EDI integrations and big-box retailers.
    • You will be able to customize your label templates to meet your partner requirements, with full customization through Infoplus scripts.  
    • GS1-128 labels can be automatically generated when you run fulfillment, printed on-demand in the mobile floor apps, and more.

    These changes are primarily new additions to Infoplus, so your existing operations will not be negatively impacted. That being said, here are the areas you are using today which will have some minor updates when this release is completed.

    Look for more information about these new capabilities in the coming weeks.  There will be a new series of Knowledge Base articles on how to start using Loads and GS1-128 Labels, which will be available when these features are released.  

    Mobile Floor Apps updates

    Updates in Pack Station

    • To facilitate putting cartons on a pallet, in a master carton, or into a staging location, new “Add to Load” links will appear in Pack Station, after you have closed a carton, or after you have finished packing a full order.  Until you’re ready to start using loads, you can skip these prompts.  

    Updates in Ship station

    • The initial prompt in Ship Station has been updated to “Scan order, carton, or load” - indicating that you will be able to scan a pallet or master carton’s LPN to ship it, in addition to an order no or carton LPN that you’re used to scanning. 


    New Loads App

    • This app will be a new option under the Warehouse section in the mobile floor apps menu.
    • This app provides your primary method for creating loads, managing their contents, and updating their warehouse locations.  

    Desktop Table updates

    Shipment updates

    • With new support in Infoplus for shipping pallets and master cartons, the Shipment table will be updated so that it can reflect multiple order numbers associated with each Shipment. The former Order field has been renamed “Lead Order”.  
    • For single-order shipments, you can use the new Lead Order field the same way you have used the Order field in the past.  Your existing Smart Filters and User Reports that used the Order field will still work as they always have - they’ll be automatically migrated to use Lead Order.  
    • If you start to take advantage of multi-order shipments in master cartons or on pallets, you’ll see all of the order numbers for shipment in the new Orders column.  In this case, the Lead Order will be the one with the lowest order number value. 

    Order updates

    • Some of the new data being added to Infoplus will be available as new tabs on the view order screen.  In particular, there will be tabs for Packing Details (which will apply orders with carton level details as well as pallet or master cartons), Loads, and GS1-128 labels.  

    Fulfillment Plan and Process updates

    • Fulfillment plans and processes will have two new fields to allow you to auto-generate GS1-128 Labels for cartons or line items.  If you’re not using those labels, just leave these fields set to “No”. 

    If you have any questions about this pending release, please contact our support team and we’ll be happy to give you more information.  


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