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    March 16, 2018

    Improved Document Handling, more UOM, and Optimized Order Source Reservation Management

    Our latest update has an even bigger number of features and improvements that we’re excited about sharing with you!

    Auto Print and track your Documents

    A frequent request we’ve gotten from our users is: “Can you give us a way to track which Documents attached to a Fulfillment Process have been downloaded & printed?”. In this release, we are excited to announce that Infoplus will now track downloads of these documents, and show you at a glance when viewing a record which documents have been downloaded. 

    In addition, if you have installed the Infoplus Local Connect app, and have setup your printers in Infoplus, you can also automatically send these documents to your printers, with a single click of the mouse.  Auto Print requests are also tracked right next to downloads - you can even click on the “P” icon to find out who printed a document, when they did it, and what printer they sent it to. 

    Look for the “D” and “P” icons to be filled in with color after you have downloaded or printed a document, and click on the icons for more information:

    Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.11.16 AM.png

    Even more support for UOM

    In our latest round of updates to our new UOM (Unit of Measure) feature, we have added:

    • The ability, when entering an order, to calculator your order quantity based on an Item’s UOM values (e.g., Quantity per Pallet or Case).
    • Allocation from Locations with Pallet Behavior Type for full-pallet quantities.
    • Reporting of estimated pallets, cases, and inner packs at the Item, Location, and Inventory Detail levels.  

    Improved Order Source Reservation management

    If you are using Order Source Reservations in Infoplus to soft-allocate inventory to your different sales channels, you can now manage your reservation quantities for an Item across all Order Sources on a single screen.  When viewing an Item, the Order Source Reservations tab now includes more data to help you make smart decisions about proactively managing your inventory, and it provides a link to edit all of your reservations for the Item on a single screen - giving you more knowledge and convenience all in one.  

    Bonus Updates

    • We know some of you have been clamoring for this - so we wanted to give it a special call out - Billing Code quantities can now be entered as decimal or negative numbers.  
    • We’ve also updated how we generate parcel labels and commercial invoices for international shipments, to use the Sell Prices from your Item records if there aren’t prices on your Line Items.  This should eliminate more cases where you got an error trying to ship internationally.
    • Mass Distribution users:  when you print your label batches, they will now be sorted by Order No, which should simplify any matching you may have been doing, making you even more efficient!  

    IPWMS-9047: Auto print action & status on warehouse documents
    IPWMS-9018: UOM Part 3
    IPWMS-9021: Order Source Reservation management from item record
    IPWMS-9011: Update billing codes to support negative and decimal quantities
    IPWMS-7750: Improve handling of sell prices on commercial invoices
    IPWMS-5034: Error in quick search and contains text search when searching for a word with an  apostrophe (‘)
    IPWMS-1705: Fixed bug where editing the quantity on an ASN doesn’t stick
    IPWMS-1703: Mass distribution - Update to sort orders by order no.
    IPDESK-1697: Update check for completed picks in Packing Station to recognize cancelled work.

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