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    December 14, 2018

    Product Update: Editing and Closing old and partial POs and ASN, Auto Order Packing, Better Auditing and Messaging, and a ton of bug fixes and small enhancements

    This week's release is packed full of two requested features, a bunch of product updates and a ton of quick fixes and bug patched.  Check out the entire set of release notes to get into the details and see how your Support Teams, Account Managers, and Product Engineers are working every day to get your feedback, improve your products and workflows, and focus on your success. 

    New Features

    Edit and Close old and partial Item Receipts, PO's and ASNs

    Now you can edit Item Receipt records directly within Infoplus, regardless of what status they are in. You can edit them individually, or in bulk; this gives you the ability to correct or adjust data that was entered at the time of receiving. For example, you can edit a receipt’s weight, units per case, or distribution date. Try it out today.

    Auto Order Packaging with Custom Cartonization and Scripts

    You can now use a script in Infoplus to customize the logic to decide what Carton Types are available for your orders, when using automatic Cartonization as part of your fulfillment processes.

    You can make decisions in your script based on any attributes of the order or the carton types. For example, if you have orders shipping with a certain carrier, and they must use the carrier's cartons, you can ensure that the order only has those carton types available. Or if you have specific carton types that you want to use only for orders shipping via air service, you can do that as well.

    To get started, create a new Script, and choose the Cartonization type. Then, in your Fulfillment Plans choose that script in the Cartonization Script field. Contact our support team for more information.

    Product Updates

    Additional Fields in Packing Slip Templates

    You can now add additional fields to the line item section of your Packing Slip Templates. You can choose to show the weight for each line item, the number of pallets shipping on the line, and/or the Production Lots that were shipped for the line. These fields are only available if your packing slip is not per-carton.

    Better Audits

    Before last night's release, some values in Audits (specifically on fields which reference values from other tables or predefined lists) would be represented only by their internal reference ids, instead of text that you can understand. For example, in an Order's audit, a detail would be given such as: “Changed Status from 1 to 2”.

    However, after this week's update, the above audit detail will be recorded as “Changed Status from On Order to Processed”. In addition, all of these details in the audit window will now be sorted, to make it easier to find a specific field. There are also updates to value formatting (specifically, adding commas in large numbers), and some false change notifications have been removed (such as “Changed Weight from 5.50 to 5.5”).

    Better Error Messaging

    Several cases have been identified in the Warehouse Ops Apps (specifically, Fulfillment Pick work and Receiving), where previously generic error messages were being shown to users, despite more specific details being available. These apps have been updated to provide these more specific details.

    For example, entering a non-numeric value on the screen prompting for a Put Away quantity in Receiving used to say "unknown error", but now says that the entered value is not a number.

    Quick Fixes and Change log

    • IPDESK-2305 - Update subscriptions UI to give good error message when attempting to schedule for “last of month” combined with a date (not supported by backend scheduler)

    • IPDESK-2303 - Fix to auto-ship casebreak cartons, when whole order should become updated as shipped, when re-running Pick Pack and Ship on a process.

    • IPDESK-2298 - Update Override Receipts for Allocation UI to disallow selection of an Item Receipt from a different warehouse than the order’s warehouse.

    • IPDESK-2295 - Add ability to do advanced queries on Work Batch field on Fulfillment Process table.

    • IPDESK-2294 - Add to validation when closing a Receiving Worksheet that at least one line item has a non-zero quantity

    • IPDESK-2291 - Update Quick Adjustment table to prevent viewing records from LOB’s that user does not have access to

    • IPDESK-2290 - Fix street 2 field on Shopify orders (was loading as string “null”)

    • IPDESK-2286 - Add error message in importing items from QuickBooks Enterprise if default item record is missing

    • IPDESK-2285 - Add ability for user to select Do Not Safe Drop as an option when shipping Canada Post orders through Ship Parcel Orders desktop process

    • IPDESK-2306 - Fix bug in ship station, print-per-carton mode, for carriers with default parcel accessories being applied.

    • IPDESK-2270 - Added proper error message when creating invoice template in 3PL billing if a script generates an illegal value.

    • IPWMS-10234 - Improved error messaging for invalid inputs in Find Work and Receiving Ops apps

    • IPWMS-2124 - Updated audits to include text values instead of foreign-key id values

    • IPWMS-2276 - Fixed duplicate on Quick Adjustment table to create new record in Ready status

    • IPWMS-2275 - Corrected issue where Big Commerce webhooks were being processed multiple times.

    • IPWMS-2274 - Corrected issue where users could see some data from Quick Receipt records from LOB's they did not have access to.

    • IPWMS-2275 - Fixed Add Carton to Shipped Order process to include proper shipment accessories.

    • IPWMS-2272 - Fixed bug in edit on Orders table, to allow values to be removed from Batch No field.

    • IPWMS-2265 - Corrected freight charges being stored in Infoplus for multi-shipment orders with FedEx.

    • IPWMS-2285 - Updated validation on execution of Quick Adjustments to report when Product ID Tag value is required, but not given.

    • IPDESK-2241 - Updated beta Warehouse Ops apps to automatically retry communications to Infoplus when Network connection errors are encountered. If a connection cannot be made after 5 retries, an alert is given, and the app is kept in a state where you can try the action again after reconnecting.

    • IPDESK-2262 - Corrected capturing outbound serial numbers for line items shipped out of multiple item receipt / PO lots.

    • IPDESK-2255 - Corrected capturing outbound serial numbers for orders with line items that backordered.

    • IPDESK-2243 - Fixed bug on date query fields, when switching from some Advanced options (within the last, older than, is blank, is not blank) to date-based options (equals, after, before)

    • IPDESK-2245 - Improved error messaging in Location Inquiry mobile floor app for cases where user’s warehouse has not been selected.

    • IPDESK-2244 - Updated Edit Processed Orders process to include field-level details in Audit.

    • IPDESK-2263 - Prevented Substitutions table from allowing creation of circular substitutions (A->B and B->A).

    • IPDESK-2238 - Fixed an error that prevented deleting Job records.

    • IPDESK-2260 - Fixed issue that was preventing some edits to Item Receipts for clients using legacy accounting period close dates.

    • IPWMS-9025 - The Edit Order Prices process in Infoplus now allows you to set an Override Declared Value on each line item of an order. If you set a value here, it will be passed to your parcel carriers when generating commercial invoices for your international orders.

    • IPDESK-2202 - Updated receiving worksheets to pull through Rev. Date field from ASN's

    • IPDESK-2193 - Improved error messaging when customized parcel reference field values are too long.

    • IPDESK-2187 - Fixed 3PL billing order line activity tables to always include Number of Touches field.

    • IPDESK-2184 - Fixed packing slips to always be able to show Number of Cartons on cartonized orders.

    • IPDESK-2182 - Updated Shopping Cart web-hook handlers to match with or without "www" prefix in URLs.

    • IPDESK-2178 - Added option to Infoplus API (v2.0 and beta) to use proper timezone/UTC behavior.

    • IPDESK-2155 - Fixed editing of ASNs to cause re-computing of indexed Open PO Quantity field on items which are removed from an ASN.

    • IPDESK-2239 - Fixed the case where alerts were not being given from certain shopping cart connection errors when exporting inventory levels.

    • IPWMS-10091 - Made new line-item detail fields available in Packing Slip Templates. Updated printed work tickets to always show LOB name instead of ID.

    • IPDESK-2233 - Fixed issues caused by re-loading an order in the Ship Station app, then voiding one of the cartons.

    • IPDESK-2224 - Improved error message given in Infoplus when attempting to ship an order with more cartons than a carrier supports.


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