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    March 1, 2024

    Infoplus Product Update - February 29 2024

    The Headlines: 

    In our latest release, we're happy to announce that we've resolved significant bugs to further enhance our system. These fixes aim to improve performance and reliability. Please explore them and share your feedback!

    • Validation added for API Custom Fields
    • Bug Fix: Removed Item Receipt Data causing KOD Processing Errors

    Added validation for API Custom Fields

    String and Decimal-type Custom Fields that are sent via API requests now have added validation measures to match the behavior of regular fields:

    • String Custom Fields that are longer than 250 characters will be truncated to be 250 characters
    • Decimal Custom Fields with more than 12 digits to the left of the decimal place will error
    • Decimal Custom Fields with more than 3 digits to the right of the decimal place will be rounded to be 3 digits

    Bug Fix: Removing Item Receipt data causing KOD Processing Errors

    Previously, if an Item Receipt in a “Received” status had “Weight per Wrap” or “Received Date” values removed, Fulfillment Processes would error in cases where these values were required to be present on the Item Receipt (such as with Kit on Demand orders). Now, “Weight per Wrap” and “Received Date” may not be removed from “Received” Item Receipts; these values can be edited still, they just cannot be completely removed/blanked out.


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