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    March 31, 2023

    Infoplus Product Update - March 31st

    The Headlines:

    • Update to Search function on All Tables
    • Populate Multiple Return Labels at Once
    • New Table Available: Item Usage

    Update to Search function on All Tables

    You will start to notice a change on some of the tables within the Infoplus environment where the "Contains Text" text box will have changed to only showing a magnifying glass, like below:

    The data on these tables that have the magnifying glass will not appear in the "Quick Search" bar above. However, the tables with this change will still have full access to the filters as normal. If you click the magnifying glass, it will merely refresh the page at this time. 

    Over the next four weeks, you will see this functionality rolled out and once complete, those records on the tables not specified, will no longer be searchable in the “Contains Search” textbox or the “Quick Search” textbox. 

    You will still continue to be able to use the search box on the page on the following tables:

    ASN, Billing Code, Billing Code Activity, Carrier, Carton Activity, Customer, Cycle Count, Fulfillment Process, Inventory Adjustment, Inventory Storage Activity, Invoice Worksheet, Item, Item Activity, Item Receipt, Item Receipt Activity, Item Serial, Job Time Activity, Line of Business, Load, Location, Order, Order Activity, Order Line Activity, Quick Adjustment, Receiving Worksheet, Return shipment, Shipment, Warehouse, Work, Work Activity 

    The functionality of the above tables will remain the same as it currently stands. Additionally, any endpoints that contain searchText parameters will still work as intended, regardless of this change.

    Populate Multiple Return Labels at Once

    Users will now have a new experience when using the “Create Return Labels” action on orders. They will be provided with the option to override carton dimensions (L/W/H), as well as the option to generate one Return Label per order or one Return Label for each individual carton on the order. 


    If they choose to generate one Return Label per order, the dimensions used on the carton associated with the first shipment on the order will be used on the Return Label, if they do not choose to override the dimensions.

    If they choose to generate one Return Label per carton on the order, each carton’s dimensions associated with each shipment on the order is used. They also have the ability to delete cartons if they do not want a Return Label generated for each carton, and they can also override each carton’s dimensions individually, both by clicking on the “gear” icon next to the carton.


    One thing to note is that they will only be able to generate Return Labels after Parcel Labels have been generated on an order, as the dimension data is taken from the Shipment records.

    Another important note is that currently, FedEx and UPS do NOT support the “print one Return Label per carton” option. We are currently working on supporting this functionality for these two carriers. In the meantime, users can still use the “print one Return Label per order” option on FedEx and UPS orders, or utilize USPS, who supports both options.

    New Table Available: Item Usage

    Users will notice a new table is available in Infoplus - the Item Usage table. This table is an extension of the information about item usage found in the “Usage” tab on Item records. It exposes data about the usage of SKUs by year and month, per Warehouse and LOB. Totals are kept for both “Normal Usage” and “Abnormal Usage.” “Abnormal Usage” values only increment if the “Alternate Usage” value on an order is set to “Y.”


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