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Infoplus Product Update: Gift To and Gift From fields; Expanded Shopping Cart Monitoring

Infoplus has added fields on the Order table for Gift To and Gift From, and has expanded its Shopping Cart Connection monitoring. 

Product Updates

Gift To and Gift From

In addition to the Gift Message field on the order table in Infoplus, there are now fields where you can specify Gift To and Gift From.  Look for these fields under the Messages tab when editing or viewing an order.  You can also set values in these fields in Bulk Load or through the Infoplus API, These fields can be pulled into packing slips, or email confirmations, to give your customers a more personalized gift order experience.  

Infoplus Gift Message field on the order table.

Expanded Shopping Cart Monitoring

To help stop any single transaction from being missed, Infoplus has expanded its internal monitoring program that does a daily reconciliation between Infoplus and your Shopping Cart Connections, to now include Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento 2.  This program has been successfully catching missed orders for Magento 1 for over a year, and will now provide the same double-check for these additional cart types.

To put it simply, this program will scan your cart every day, and for any orders that should have been communicated to Infoplus, but were missed, it will make a secondary attempt to import those orders.  It will also notify our support teams if any other transactions didn't go through, such as marking an order as shipped.  

Knowledge Base Updates

Full Change Log

  • IPP-22: Addition of Gift To and Gift From fields on orders
  • IPP-54: Expand shopping cart daily checker to apply to Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento 2.
  • IPDESK-3036: Fixed Created-by field when duplicating Quick Receipts
  • IPDESK-3029: Improved validation & error messaging around Price Mode in 3PL Billing
  • IPDESK-3028: Updated Job Time table's Date field to be editable
  • IPDESK-3026: Improved error message when trying to delete a closed Receiving Worksheet
  • IPDESK-3010: Fixes with inventory levels pushed to shopping carts in contexts where some Order Source Reservations are in use.
  • IPDESK-3006: Improved validation of dates in Bulk Load
  • IPDESK-3005: Fixed exports from Fulfillment Process table when Work Batch column is included
  • IPDESK-2998: Removed broken link to select all records when adding lines to Receiving Worksheet
  • IPDESK-3032: Fix usage of Bulk Load default values for Order Assembly Instructions field
  • IPDESK-2968: Corrected Item - Per Touch 3PL Billing Rule value to have the correct value in the case where an Item Receipt has been edited.


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