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    November 8, 2019

    Infoplus Product Update: 3PL Billing minimums and new Troubleshooting Articles in the Knowledge Base

    The highlights in week's update to Infoplus are more functionality and fixes in 3PL Billing and a new style of Troubleshooting articles in the Knowledge Base.

    Product Updates

    3PL Billing minimums

    3PL Billing users can now specify a minimum charge to apply to lines on invoice templates. For example, if a client doesn't accumulate enough activity in a billing period to reach an agreed upon minimum charge for an invoice line, then an additional charge will be added to that line's backup & detail, to make up the shortage.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Troubleshooting Articles

    The Infoplus Knowledge Base has a new type of article, focused on helping users troubleshoot issues that they may run into when using Infoplus.

    For example, when shipping orders, sometimes the error messages that come back from the carriers aren't the most helpful - only stating that a service isn't available, or that some data is wrong or missing. The new Troubleshooting Shipping in Infoplus article has a number of symptoms and solutions, along with links to resources from UPS & FedEx, that can be helpful in understanding why a specific service may or may not be available for a shipment.

    Similarly, if users run into issues with Smart Document templates, it can sometimes feel like there's no way to find a solution. That's what the new Troubleshooting Smart Document Issues article exists for: To give users debugging tools and tips, to help users get past errors.

    Additional New Articles

    Infoplus administrative users who need to create and configure new Lines of Business in Infoplus can use the new Setting Up a New Line of Business article as a checklist to help them remember many of the most likely steps to go through in getting a new LOB online and successful.

    Two new articles have also been added to help Infoplus script users:

    Full Change Log

    • IPP-38: Added minimum amount to 3PL Billing Invoice Template line item setup
    • IPDESK-3000: Adjusted decimal precision in 3PL Billing Invoice Worksheet Line Details
    • IPDESK-2993: Marked Customer No as not-editable in Customer Bulk Edit by File
    • IPDESK-2990: Fixed ability to query by Country field on Customer table
    • IPDESK-2982: Added Expiration Date as a field that can be used on Packing Slip Templates
    • IPDESK-2979: Added new option to create 3PL Billing Rule for Count of Distinct SKUs per Order
    • IPDESK-2969: Fixed count shown on Bulk Add Tags process when ran multiple times in succession.
    • IPDESK-2968: Fixed issue where quantity per case value was not being copied to new receipt during transform inventory process.
    • IPDESK-2953: Improved error messaging in ship station, including link to Knowledge Base
    • IPDESK-2939: Improved error messaging from Smart Document templates, including link to Knowledge Base
    • IPDESK-3004: Fixed errors that could come from Rate Shop process in the presence of misconfigured carriers
    • IPDESK-2996: Updated contents of base EDI 856 document
    • IPDESK-2988: Updated receiving app to validate scale & precision of all decimal fields
    • IPDESK-2981: Added creation of logged time records when using receiving app.
    • IPDESK-3003: Updated to include multiple picks for same item in the same work batch when splitting batches by max no. of SKUs.


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