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    October 11, 2019

    Infoplus Product Update: Bulk Edit Using a Spreadsheet

    In this week’s updates to Infoplus, we are introducing "Bulk Edit Using a Spreadsheet".

    New Features

    We are excited to announce that starting today, you can now upload a spreadsheet into Infoplus to bulk edit your records, updating as many columns as you want to update, with unique values for every row that you need to change.  

    This powerful new ability combines two of our previous bulk actions - Bulk Load (which created new records from a spreadsheet) and Bulk Edit (which updated many records, but with the same values on each record), to give you even more flexible control of your data in Infoplus.  

    Read more about Bulk Edit using a Spreadsheet on our Knowledge Base.  

    Product Updates

    The Bulk Edit action will now begin by prompting you which type of edit you are doing -- an “Interactive” edit, where you enter values into a form, and all rows you are editing will be updated with the same values, or a “Spreadsheet” edit, where you can upload a file to apply different values to each record in the file.



    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    Quick Fixes and Change Log

    • IPDESK-2927 - Updated Quick Receipts and Receiving app to not allow units-per-case or unit-weight of zero.
    • IPDESK-2911 - Fixed issue where editing the schedule for a subscription may not fully take effect.
    • IPDESK-2909 - Updated international shipping to avoid ever rounding weight down to 0 (which would prevent items from shipping)
    • IPDESK-2898 - Updated mass distribution to split out 8.5x11 inch international labels into their own batch/PDF.
    • IPWMS-11115 - Added ability to do Bulk Edit by spreadsheet
    • IPDESK-2950 - Fixed bug in decimal fields allowing only a decimal point
    • IPDESK-2944 - Fixed an issue where a substitution to a kit could cause Unfulfilling the order to fail
    • IPDESK-2943 - Fixed an issue with enabling the ability for clients to use duplicated SKUs on orders
    • IPDESK-2940 - Adjusted fonts used on Bill Of Lading document to avoid bottom text being cut off
    • IPDESK-2919 - Fixed issue with chained substitutions potentially leading to incorrect allocation & shipping quantities
    • IPDESK-2916 - Updated Run Alternate Pick Location process to work for KOD component items
    • IPDESK-2915 - Corrected issue where Edit Order price updates were not sticking


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