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    October 18, 2019

    Infoplus Product Update: Bulk Load for Kits

    In this week's updates, "bulk load for kits"  has been added to Infoplus. 

    New Features

    Infoplus has added the ability for you to bulk load Kit definitions from a spreadsheet, just like the way you can bulk load Orders, ASNs, or other records.  This gives you a faster way to set up any number of kits, and reduces the chance for errors that may be introduced by manually entering this data.  

    You can upload a spreadsheet in either Wide-format, with a single kit per row (with multiple columns for each component SKU & quantity), or in Tall format, with each component SKU on its own row.  

    Read more about Bulk Load Kits on our Knowledge Base.  

    Product Updates

    Additional validation has been added to the Infoplus Shopping Cart Connections for Shopify and WooCommerce.  These new checks will prevent orders from being accepted into Infoplus with, for example, incorrect zip codes.  If such orders were allowed into Infoplus, it could lead to later errors, such as when editing the order or producing its shipping label.  

    Orders which fail these additional validation checks will cause Alerts to be created, the same as other checks were done in the past (such as unrecognized SKU or carrier mapping issues). 

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    Updated Articles

    Quick Fixes and Full Change Log

    • IPWMS-11128 - Add bulk load capability on the Kit table
    • IPDESK-2968 - Correct "Item - Per Touch" Billing Rule Calculation
    • IPDESK-2966 - Add additional validation to WooCommerce and Shopify order imports
    • IPDESK-2964 - Correct issue in Pick Work app when moving from a UOM pick to a non-UOM pick
    • IPDESK-2962 - Fix error in Bulk Loading ASNs around field mapping
    • IPDESK-2958 - Make unit discount be applied to prices sent to customs for International orders
    • IPDESK-2959 - Add additional data cleanup to unfulfilled order action related to pick-to-cart
    • IPDESK-2923 - Correct some country & US territory mapping issues in Shopify connection.


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