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    April 10, 2019

    A Quick Heads Up on Some Upcoming Changes This Week

    Infoplus will be releasing changes to the Left Navigation Menu on the Infoplus Dashboard and Order Screen on Thursday evening at 10 pm CST.  See below for more details on the changes you will see after this release.

    Your Infoplus Dashboard - Simplified Left Navigation Menu

    Infoplus has simplified its left Navigation Menu experience. Currently, Infoplus Users see an Account Management icon and a Warehouse Operations icon on the left panel of the Infoplus Navigation Dashboard. After Thursday night’s release, these two icons will no longer be available and replaced with one icon - Apps.

    When you click on the Apps icon, you will see a full sorted menu of Apps (previously found in the Account Management and Warehouse Operations icons) in Infoplus.

    Your Infoplus Order Screen

    The Infoplus Order Screen now has separate Shipping and Handling areas to provide clarity to Infoplus Users. These changes do not affect the current Order bulk load process.

    New Infoplus Order Screen Section

    In the Shipping Section of the Order Screen, you will now see Shipping Method, Carrier, and 3rd Party Parcel Account (from the previous version) listed.

    In the Handling Section of the Order Screen, you will now see Warehouse Service Type, Warehouse Service Level, Ship Complete, and Priority Code. Service Modifier is a new field within Infoplus, but is not a Required Field.

    For more information on these changes, please visit our Knowledge Base Article here:

    Order Insights

    Early Adaptor Access to Order Insights - Machine Learning + Data Analytics

    Infoplus Users will see an icon in parts of Infoplus for a new module, Insights. Infoplus Insights gives you a unique perspective on gaining efficiency and cost savings. Bringing the power of Machine Learning + Data Analytics to help guide your operations, storage, order processing, production lines, and more.

    Explore your data and take insights in whole new ways. If you are interested in being one of the limited Early Adaptors (and get access to Insights for free for up to a year), click below to sign up for Early Access.

    Signup for Early Adopters Access


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