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    January 17, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update: Continuous Improvements and Fixes

    While continuing to work on some larger initiatives around Big Box EDI retail orders, the Infoplus product development team has also managed to keep pushing out multiple improvements and corrections.  Here’s the full change log for the past six weeks:


    • IPDESK-3125 - Updated pack station to accept case-insensitive commands (buttons scanned as barcodes)
    • IPDESK-3110 - Added Inner Pack fields to 3PL Billing Order Line Activity and Item Receipt Activity tables
    • IPDESK-3074 - Updated line items column on Order query screen to not duplicate lines shipped out of multiple receipts.
    • IPDESK-3063 - Updates to baseline EDI 850, 855, and 856 specs.
    • IPP-24 - Added support for Lasership carrier
    • IPDESK-3132 - Added warning to Mass Distribution process if the selected ship date is in the past
    • IPDESK-3130 - Deprecated critical amount field on item table.
    • IPDESK-3099 - Updated 3PL Billing to use activity date instead of create date when importing Billing Code records
    • IPDESK-3151 - Improved error messages given to users when missing data required to produce parcel labels for international orders.
    • IPDESK-3146 - Adding support for FedEx reseller accounts through Easypost.


    • IPDESK-2122 - Fixed issue with international shipments for countries without postal codes
    • IPDESK-3101 - Updated to accepted international orders without postal codes 
    • IPDESK-3100 - Corrected ability to add parcel accessories (e.g., shipping insurance) to orders when creating through the API
    • IPDESK-3096 - Fixed ability to store an override location id on a Shopify Shopping Cart Connection
    • IPDESK-3090 - Corrected calculation of orderable quantity for kit items with the same SKU in multiple Lines of Business
    • IPDESK-3058 - Fixed errors voiding shipments sent to ShipStation
    • IPDESK-3020 - Corrected time zone issue with custom date fields that caused their values to shift on edits
    • IPDESK-3127 - Fixed regression in Fulfillment Process API query, introduced when multiple work batches were added
    • IPDESK-3133 - Fixed regression in Rate Shopping process
    • IPDESK-3017 - Updated to refresh order data between trigger actions when multiple actions are running on the same order, to avoid losing changes
    • IPDESK-3089 - Updated to ignore shipment tracking updates from carriers on re-used old tracking numbers.
    • IPDESK-3138 - Corrected permissions for Bulk Loading of Billing Codes
    • IPDESK-3129 - Fixed issue on ASN table, where scripts & API calls could incorrectly change the LOB on the record, if the same SKU existed in multiple LOB’s
    • IPDESK-3139 - Corrected permissions for bulk add and remove tags to be editable on user & role screens
    • IPDESK-3120 - Fixed issue where edits to order ship to email addresses weren’t properly saved
    • IPDESK-3164 - Corrected fulfillment processing failures for scenario with duplicated SKUs on an order and third party parcel accounts
    • IPDESK-3128 - Updated order creation flow to re-evaluate pre-fulfillment weight estimate and SLA dates after triggers are ran.  


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