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    March 20, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update: February & March 2020 Continuous Improvements

    Over the past month the Infoplus product team has pushed out more than 30 improvements and fixes, giving you a more powerful, stable, and flexible platform for your business.

    Product Updates

    Manage your own Unit Descriptions and Adjustment Codes

    You can now manage the available values for the Unit Description and Adjustment Code fields in your Infoplus site. There are 2 new tables available in Infoplus, where you can insert, update, and delete rows to control the options available to you when creating items, receipts, and inventory adjustments.

    Continuous Improvements in Shipping

    We continue to invest more in improving the flexibility and quality of our carrier integrations. A few updates to highlight are:

    • Fixed support for multi-page labels produced by Globegistics
    • Improved messaging in Ship Station app when a service is not available for an order
    • Corrected an issue preventing the creation of some Saturday Delivery shipments

    Knowledge Base Updates

    Full Change Log

    • OB-2048 - Add custom fields to Invoice Worksheet Line Detail table
    • IPDESK-3211 - Update to not allow users to delete a 3PL Billing Rule that is being used by a template
    • IPDESK-3210 - Fix to Saturday Delivery parcel option when fulfillment process ship date is older
    • IPDESK-3209 - Fix to allow deleting users that had API Keys
    • IPDESK-3206 - Fix deleting some shopping cart connections (Magento's with "Store" details set)
    • IPDESK-3200 - Adjustment to mobile floor apps input processing to improve compatibility with scanners
    • IPDESK-3199 - Correct per-receipt quantities on Packing Slips when the same SKU is on an order multiple times
    • IPDESK-3194 - Updated to re-compute unallocatable quantity field on items when location behavior types are changed
    • IPDESK-3187 - Corrected issue with access to audits on API Keys
    • IPDESK-3171 - Improve handling of special-characters (e.g., ":") in fields such as product ID tag for mobile floor apps
    • IPDESK-3235 - Fixes to bulk load for Carton Contents table
    • IPDESK-3230 - Updated to not allow units per wrap values of 0 in ASN Lines
    • IPDESK-3198 - Fixes to support fulfillment processes with more than 2,000 line items
    • IPDESK-3192 - Corrected issue where shipping address on a split order could reset to billing address
    • IPDESK-3220 - Update return labels to not try to use 3rd party account number from a different carrier
    • IPDESK-3217 - Updated pack station to allow SKU to be scanned if item does not have a barcode field set.
    • IPDESK-3216 - Fixed display of existing items in location during suggested put away of receiving app
    • IPDESK-3110 - Corrected calculation of inner packs & pick touches on order line table
    • OB-1684 - Updated to populate freight amount on shipment record for non-parcel shipments
    • IPDESK-3255 - Increased default timeout for Infoplus Scripts (from 1 minute to 15)
    • IPDESK-3254 - Improved performance of creating pick work when running fulfillment processes
    • IPDESK-3248 - Adding support for Globegistics carrier; Improved ship station error message about requested services not being available (now lists the ones that are available)
    • IPDESK-3231 - Updated no-stock recovery process to fully adjust empty location to 0 (when the location contains multiple receipt lots)
    • IPDESK-3264 - Fixed issue where "masquerade" permission could be lost for users
    • IPDESK-3262 - Updated to not allow Smart Filters to be deleted if they are used by plans, shopping cart connections, or 3PL billing rules
    • IPDESK-3261 - Fixed unpack action in pack station for orders where all lines are KOD Kits
    • OB-2058 - Corrected date formats in outbound EDI X12 documents; Added more segments in 810 and 856
    • IPDESK-3283 - Add Unit Description table to Infoplus to allow users to manage them
    • IPDESK-3277 - Add Adjustment Code table to Infoplus to allow users to manage them
    • IPDESK-3282 - Expose default values for ASN Max Over & Under fields on Line of Business table, to allow users to manage them
    • IPDESK-3281 - Updated process for reconciling FedEx parcel invoices to orders to look in reference 2 field
    • IPDESK-3280 - Fixed ability to remove value from the Order Message field
    • IPDESK-3278 - Fixed processing of KOD Kit orders that backorder, to create a 0-quantity shipped line item on the original order
    • IPDESK-3275 - Updated integration to ShipStation to send discounted line item prices, when applicable
    • IPDESK-3257 - Corrected visibility on Item Serial table to be limited by LOB
    • IPDESK-3227 - Updated 3PL Billing to include all cartons for non-parcel shipments when creating carton activity records
    • IPDESK-3177 - Fixed issue for non-US clients showing all non-US orders as international

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