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January 11, 2021

Infoplus Product Update - January 2021

The Infoplus product team wrapped up 2020 with a focus on stability and usability improvements to our mobile floor apps, scripts, and shipping & fulfillment workflows.  We've also published more Knowledge Base content to help you solve real-world scenarios using Infoplus Building Blocks.  

Continue reading for a complete and detailed list of the Product Updates and Knowledge Base additions.

Product Updates

Mobile Floor App Updates

  • IPDESK-3616 - Updated Inventory Relocation mobile floor app to prevent the user from unintentionally selecting two options, causing errors.
  • IPDESK-3659 - Updated ship station compatibility between scanning-sku to identify the order and recording serial numbers.
  • IPDESK-3629 - Improved robustness of the Receiving mobile floor app, to remain online in situations where full-text search is unavailable.
  • IPDESK-3618 - Added warning to Run Job mobile floor app, if the received quantity for job doesn't match the assembled quantity.
  • IPDESK-3617 - Added warning message in Ship Station for issues connecting to scales.

Infoplus Script Updates

  • IPDESK-3638 - Removed constraint on size of Infoplus Scripts (had been 64KB).
  • IPDESK-3633 - Added function "generateMD5Hash" to the “utils” object available in scripts and smart documents and emails.
  • IPDESK-3644 - Added access to "httpRequest" function in Report-type scripts.

Shipping and Fulfillment Updates

  • IPDESK-3666 - Corrected issue for some clients where all packing slips were producing as 8.5x11 instead of 4x6 or 4x8.
  • IPDESK-3628 - Updated Shopify integration to properly indicate shipments for additional carrier companies (Ontrack, Canpar, Canada Post, Globegistics, Purolator).
  • IPDESK-3631 - Fixed condition where Fulfillment Process Log messages were duplicated for locations with multiple receipts.
  • IPDESK-3648 - Fixed process to create return labels to handle orders which originally had insurance on them.

Additional Table / Data Updates

  • IPDESK-3662 - Fixed ability to bulk load warehouse Carts (for use with dynamic cart locations).
  • IPDESK-3660 - Fixed issue on Quick Adjustment table display of quantity columns.
  • IPDESK-3649 - Added ‘Ship To Country’ field to the Shipment table.
  • IPDESK-3646 - Updated to allow creating tags with special characters (e.g., '+', '&').
  • IPDESK-3641 - Fixed issue where Item Activity records for transforming inventory were not built correctly (missing LOB).
  • IPDESK-3632 - Updated Parcel Account table to prevent modifying the carrier company field.
  • IPDESK-3623 - Fixed display of serial numbers into Order Line records.

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