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    January 24, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update: New API functions for working with Files

    Two new actions have been added to the Infoplus API for working with files attached to records in Infoplus.

    Product Updates

    Listing record files through the API

    You can now list the files associated with a record in Infoplus through the Infoplus API.  The results of this API call will include both files that users attached to records, as well as system-generated files, such as Parcel Labels and Packing Slips.  

    Here's a sample of an API call, listing 2 files attached to an order: The Parcel Label generated by Infoplus, and a receipt uploaded by the customer as a User File:

    Infoplus WMS, sample of an API call listing for the parcel label and receipt uploaded by the customer as a user file.

    Attaching files by URL through the API

    The Infoplus API has also been updated, so that you can now attach a file to a record by supplying a URL to the file, rather than uploading the file contents. This alternative approach to attaching files can be easier to use than the existing upload API call. It can also be combined with the file listing call described above, to create an easy way to copy files from one record to another.

    These new functions can also be accessed via Infoplus Scripts, with two new functions on the infoplusApi object.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    Full Change Log

    • OB-1596 - Add ability to list files and upload by URL in Infoplus API
    • IPDESK-3177 - Fixed consideration of international shipments when both 'from' and 'to' are outside the US
    • IPDESK-3176 - Improved error messages around bad values in parcel invoice uploads in 3PL Billing
    • IPDESK-3175 - Added Vendor SKU field to Inventory Detail table
    • IPDESK-3168 - Updated to accept non-carrier-specific values when adding parcel accessories to orders through Infoplus API
    • IPDESK-3155 - Stopped generating alerts from shopping cart connections for Shopify orders with no line items marked for fulfillment by Infoplus
    • IPDESK-3142 - Corrected calculation of Orderable Quantity for items setup as substitutions to kits (when the kit has on-hand inventory)

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