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    March 9, 2018

    Magento Bundles, Item Receipt Fix, and Scheduled Plan Messaging Improvement

    Our latest update provides a couple of important bug fixes that we’re excited to release!

    Updated Magento Integration
    Users can now import into Infoplus bundled items using per-order kit definitions. In short, if you order a bundle in Magento, you will see it correctly flow into Infoplus as a dynamic kit.  

    Item Receipt Weight Per Wrap Fix
    A patch has been applied to the Receiving app, around receipts missing weight per wrap. This fixed a condition allowing a receipt to be entered into the system while missing the required weight per wrap field.

    Improved Messaging on Scheduled Plans
    An updated was released for scheduled plans. Previously, the system would not tell the user that allocations could only be performed on a single warehouse at a time. Now, if 2 orders from 2 different warehouses are attempted to be run on the plan, the scheduled plan log will display a message instructing the user how to adjust the scheduled plan to only include a single warehouse.

    IPWMS-8946:  Update Magento 1&2 to import bundled items using pre-order kit definitions
    IPDESK-1691: Fix item receipt weight per wrap issue with Interactive Receiving
    IPDESK-1683: Improve scheduled plan multi-warehouse messaging

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