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    May 8, 2020

    Infoplus Product Update: May 2020

    The Infoplus Product team has been focused on stability, performance, and bug fixes over the past several weeks.  These efforts have impacted many aspects of the Infoplus platform, including Shipping & Manifesting, Orders & Fulfillment Processing, 3PL Billing, Shopping Cart and EDI Connections, and more.  

    Product Updates

    Shipping & Manifesting

    • IPDESK-3272 - Corrected setup of USPS priority international flat rate envelope.
    • IPDESK-3303 - Enhanced custom manifest scripts to be able to change the parcel account, carrier, and/or service being used.
    • IPP-289 - Enhanced custom manifest scripts to be able to assign a 3rd party account for international duties and taxes
    • IPDESK-3263 - Updated to combine street 2 and street 3 fields when generating parcel labels.
    • IPDESK-3271 - Enhanced options when producing return labels to improve ability to use 3rd party billing.
    • IPDESK-3267 - Updated rate shopping to report an error if any items on an order cannot be packed using cartonization rather than silently proceeding with incorrect results.
    • IPDESK-3320 - Updated avoid sending customs item codes that are too long to DHL Mail Innovations.
    • IPDESK-3260 - Improved error message while shipping for invalid country names on orders.
    • IPDESK-3327 - Corrected issue where "null" was being stored as the tracking number / package id from ShipStation for voided packages or services that do not have tracking numbers.

    Orders & Fulfillment Processing

    • IPDESK-3295 - Fixed issue where pre-cartonization details on an order could be lost.
    • IPDESK-3341 - Corrected issue where Auto Ship Orders field from fulfillment plans was not always being respected.
    • IPDESK-3335 - Updated editing item receipt weights to propagate new weights to processed orders.
    • IPDESK-3266 - Corrected issue where duplicated serial numbers could be entered for outbound orders.
    • IPDESK-3234 - Updated packing slips, when using additional multi-valued line-item fields, to use consistent sorting across columns.

    3PL Billing

    • IPDESK-3285 - Fixed error storing 3PL billing activity when line item weights were too large.
    • IPDESK-3286 - Fixed issue where updating 3PL Billing invoices through scripts or API calls could cause line item detail records to be lost.
    • IPP-353 - Add unit description field to 3PL Billing order line activity table.  Standardized label for unit description field across all tables.
    • IPDESK-3325 - Fixed issue where Inventory Snapshot rows with cubic feet value too large could cause errors.

    Performance Enhancements

    • IPDESK-3311 - Improved performance of release backorders process.
    • IPDESK-3349 - Improved performance and stability of generating large Excel exports and reports.
    • IPDESK-3346 - Improved performance of executing quick receipts.
    • IPDESK-3368 - Performance improvements for Location Inquiry mobile floor app and Work table.
    • IPDESK-3333 - Added limit to Run Fulfillment process, to avoid attempting to start the action on more than 10,000 orders at a time, to 

    Shopping Cart Connections

    • IPDESK-3288 - Fixed bug in pushing shipment advice to Shopify when the same SKU appeared multiple times on an order.
    • IPDESK-3304 - Added support to accept orders shipping to Armed Forces Middle East,  Armed Forces Canada, and Armed Forces Africa.
    • IPP-288 - Updated to use 2020-01 version of Shopify API.
    • IPDESK-3300 - Fixed issue where orders could fail to be accepted by Infoplus if they contained unsupported characters in address fields.


    • IPDESK-3345 - Corrected issue where Order Source from EDI Connection may not be propagated to new orders.
    • IPDESK-3290 - Added visibility to EDI Documents with errors before their LOB can be identified.

    Inventory Management

    • IPDESK-3358 - Fixed ability to update Item Category and Item Sub Category through Infoplus API.
    • IPDESK-3364 - Corrected situation where inventory is moved into and out of a location, then back in, its status (available/frozen/damaged) could get reset.
    • IPDESK-3350 - Improved validation when creating Item Lowstock Codes
    • IPDESK-3301 - Improved audits on Kit table (to note if SKU is changed and changes to kit components).

    Building Blocks

    • IPDESK-3306 - Fixed ability to use carrier objects from Infoplus API in scripts.
    • IPDESK-3316 - Corrected issue where smart documents could fail to generate when HTML tags were nested too deeply.
    • IPDESK-3256 - Fixed issue where on-update triggers may not have been ran when orders were ran through fulfillment processes.


    • IPDESK-3344 - Improved Quick Actions menu to distinguish desktop apps from mobile floor apps.
    • IPDESK-3289 - Corrected issue where sometimes the option chosen from the Actions menu was not the one that was started.

    Knowledge Base Updates

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