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Product Update - 2018-12-20

New Features

Full access to your Audits

You can now go to a single place in Infoplus, the new Audit table, to view all activity that’s happened throughout your Infoplus account. This table includes the ability to query by record type, record id, user, event date, or by the details contained in the audit message.

For example, you can use this new table to see what actions a particular user has taken over a range of dates. Or you can review all edits to your items in one place. You can even see audits for records which have been deleted, including the action that deleted the record as well.


Solve more issues without Support

One of the most common types support tickets Infoplus receives is asking why an order failed to allocate (why it wasn’t included in a Fulfillment Process). In this release, Infoplus now has additional details about failed allocations in the audits recorded on the orders table.

Some of the new audits which can be found include:

  • Inventory being in an offline location
  • Inventory in a non-pickable location type
  • Permanent substitutions to an out-of-stock item
  • Item status of Blocked
  • Override Receipts for Allocation preventing inventory to be allocated. 

When you’re trying to understand why an order didn’t allocate, be sure to check its Audits to look for the reason. 


Quick Fixes and Change log

  • IPWMS-2114 - Expose Audits as a Table and Fix Audits on Deletes
  • IPWMS-10159 - Improve audits on orders when they fail allocation in a fulfillment process
  • IPWMS-10291 - Improve "Contact Support" messages/logging (part 2)
  • IPWMS-10292 - Optimize query and view screens for most frequently accessed tables
  • IPDESK-2321 - Fix error requiring item to be re-selected when editing order and overriding receipts for allocation
  • IPDESK-2304 - Fix Quickbooks Enterprise Finance System Connection to be able to pull orders with Assembly type items
  • IPDESK-2314 - Improve behavior when un-sharing records, to remove subscriptions that would fail due to lack of access. Update subscription records, if user does not have permission to the filter, to state this, instead of failing.
  • IPDESK-2308 - Fix user and role management screens, when adding LOB’s which contain special characters. 

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