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    February 15, 2019

    Product Update: Shipping Accessories, Light Manufacturing, EDI Documents, Transform Inventory, and more.

    In this week’s updates to Infoplus - Add Shipping Accessories When Placing an Order and Transforming Inventory (SKU to SKU or between LOB’s). Updates include Job Apps Support for Over/Under/Putaways, Ability to Specify Criteria in Receiving by Item, Generate PIT in Interactive Receiving, Sort Locations during Fulfillment, Infoplus EDI X12 Module, and Order Prices during Bulk Load Support.

    New Features

    Add Shipping Accessories When Placing an Order

    You can now add shipping accessories to orders, like Signature Required or Insurance, in Infoplus. This can now be done when placing an order through the Infoplus UI by navigating to the Requested Accessories tab, then clicking the Add link within that tab. Alternatively, shipping accessories can be added when placing an order via the Infoplus API or via Infoplus Scripts.

    Transform Inventory

    The new Transform Inventory process allows Infoplus users to transfer the entire quantity of an item to a completely different item. This is also possible even if that different item is under a separate Line of Business. Use this new feature to avoid time-consuming inventory transfers and adjustments.

    Product Updates

    Added Support for Over/Under Picks/Putaways in the Jobs App

    Improvements to the Jobs App, including :

    • The “Run Job” link now appears when there is put back work. Previously, it would only appear if all pick work was completed.
      Users can now put back items as needed that weren’t used in a Job.
    • A “Done with Put back” button was added that can be used when not putting back an entire quantity of an item used during Job Assembly.
    • Added the ability to under create items for a Job. Jobs can now be closed prior to completing the total number of assemblies for that Job.
    • Ability to create Job Recipes in Infoplus based on Item Assemblies in Quickbooks. 

    Specify Receiving Criteria on an Item-by-Item Basis

    Previously, Infoplus users were able to configure a Receiving Criteria to determine what data should be recorded at the time of receiving. This Receiving Criteria was universal and applied to all items which forced users to receive all items the same way.

    Receiving Criteria can now be applied on an item-by-item basis.

    Auto Generate Product ID Tags (PIT) in Interactive Receiving

    The Interactive Receiving app has been updated to allow for automatic generation of Product ID Tags. When asked to record a Product ID tag, the Interactive Receiving app has a new button called “Auto” that will automatically generate a sequential value. Use this button when an existing Product ID Tag isn’t available and you need to generate one on the fly.

    Sort Locations to Pick From During Fulfillment

    Infoplus users now have the ability to specify how locations are sorted when picking items during fulfillment.
    This is useful if you have a custom sorting method to apply to which locations get picked first. When creating or editing a fulfillment plan, there’s a new field called “Location Sort” in the Picking Options section. This field will allow you to sort your pick work by location address, or using a custom field that defines the sort order of your choice. Please contact Infoplus Support for assistance with adding a custom field to locations.

    Infoplus EDI X12 Support for 850, 855, and 856 Documents

    The newest version of the Infoplus EDI module with support for 850, 855, and 856 documents is now available. This new version allows Infoplus Scripts to make adjustments to inbound 850s and outbound 856s for non-standard setups. Please contact your Infoplus Account Manager to start integrating Infoplus with your EDI partner.

    Support for Order Prices during Order Bulk Load

    Support has been added for specifying order prices during the order bulk load process. Specify order level prices such as Shipping Charge, Subtotal, Tax, and Total. Order line level prices such as price and discount can also be called out during a bulk load.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    • Adding Shipping Accessories to an Order
    • How to Create a Job
    • How to Create Job Recipes
    • How to Start a Job
    • How to Transform Inventory

    Updated Articles

    • Updated the Interactive Receiving article to include information about specifying a Receiving Criteria on an Item-by-Item basis and how to auto-generate Product ID tags.
    • Updated the Bulk Load Orders article to include information about the added support for order prices during a bulk load.
    • Added information about the new Location Sort field to the following Fulfillment articles:
      • Picking Methodologies
      • Create / Edit a Fulfillment Plan
      • Run Fulfillment (Fulfill Orders)

    Quick Fixes and Change Log

    IPDESK-2400: Fixed an issue in the Cart Manager app where the process number in the app didn’t match the process number on printed documents.
    IPDESK-2393: Fixed an issue where case break wasn’t working as expected for orders shipping via USPS.
    IPDESK-2387: Removed the option to use “from item” on cost field in both ASN and Quick Receipt Bulk Load.
    IPDESK-2380: Fixed an issue where settings from the Override Item Receipts process where being inadvertently removed by Scripts.
    IPDESK-2379: Fixed an issue where links in the Location Inquiry mobile app were not loading correctly.
    IPDESK-2375: Corrected a problem with the Calendar widget that’s used when filtering tables in Infoplus.
    IPDESK--2374: Fixed an issue with filtering the Scheduled Plan Log table by Plan Type.
    IPWMS-9595: The SKU field will now sort correctly across various tables in Infoplus.
    IPWMS-10365: Enabled gzip compression to improve Infoplus page load times and overall performance.
    IPDESK-2361: An alert is now created in Infoplus when trying to push shipment advice back to a Magento order in fraud status.
    IPDESK-2360: Fixed an issue with uploading Parcel Carrier invoice files into the Infoplus 3PL Billing module.
    IPDESK-2352: Updated the Quick Receipts and the Perform Work app to no longer allow putaway into offline locations.
    IPDESK-2351: Fixed an out of memory issue that happened when attempting to view a location with a large number of items.
    IPDESK-2349: Fixed an issue where a 3PL Billing Rule wasn’t correctly being applied to an Invoice Worksheet.
    IPDESK-2330: Fixed an issue where keyboard shortcuts in the mobile apps were causing unexpected actions.
    IPDESK-2346: The Pack Station mobile app no longer thinks an order is fully packed when it’s actually not.
    IPDESK-2335: Updated the Infoplus API to return a more detailed error messaging when creating orders that have missing shipToCompany or billToCompany values.
    IPDESK-2334: Added support for using Override Return Addresses with CanadaPost orders.
    IPDESK-2332: Performance improvements for sending an order to ShipStation.
    IPDESK-2325: Fixed an issue regarding sharing smart filters and user reports between users.

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