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Product Update: 3PL Billing Activity Plans, Updates to Finance System Connection, and More.

Last week’s release was focused on updates to 3PL Billing Activity Plans, as well as a number of enhancements to Finance System Connection. Read more below to learn about the recent bug fixes and more.

Billing Activity Plans for 3PL Billing

Users of 3PL Billing can now automate the population of billing activity tables. By creating a Billing Activity Plan record, you can specify what data you want to populate for each of your lines of business. Then, you can create Scheduled Plans to run those Billing Activity Plans on the schedule that you need (for example: on the first of the month to capture activity from the previous month). If you have any questions and would like to utilize this new feature, contact Infoplus Support today!

IPWMS-10090: Updates to QuickBooks Enterprise Finance System Connection (ability to customize with scripts, updated to export Shipments, Receipts/ASN’s, and Adjustments)
IPWMS-10056: Fixed exports/reports from Orders table to include all tracking numbers when over 1,000 rows exported
IPDESK-2227: Fixed Ship To address field on Shipment table (was showing blank)
IPDESK-2222: Updated Ship Station Criteria to make fields required
IPDESK-2220: Fixed bug in Adjustments that could fail when executed nearly simultaneously
IPDESK-2217: Updated shipping weight-checks for shipments estimated under 2 pounds to not allow lower weights
IPDESK-2200: Fixed issue that could occur in Fulfillment Processing when running Pick-Pack-Ship after Mass Distribution

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