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Product Update: Auto Carrier Rate Shopping, Infoplus Order Insights, and More Default EDI Documents

In this week’s updates to Infoplus - Carrier Rate Shopping Across Services, zones, and charges, More Built-In EDI Document Types, Beta Release of Infoplus Order Insights and a handful of quick fixes.

New Features

Rate Shopping

You can now Rate Shop in Infoplus for the cheapest carrier and service option based on preselected Carriers. This feature works with Cartonization and can be set up using Triggers and Scripts.

Product Updates

Support for additional EDI Document types

In addition to the existing support Infoplus has for EDI 850, 855, 856, and 997 document types, the following document types are now supported.

  • 810 - Invoice
  • 860 - Purchase Order Change Request
  • 865 - Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment
  • 888 - Item Maintenance
  • 940 - Warehouse Shipping Order
  • 943 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
  • 944 - Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt
  • 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice

Infoplus Scripts can also be used to modify incoming EDI documents, including documents using unknown types.

Knowledge Base Updates

New Articles

Updated Articles

Updated Create and Use a Barcode Template article to reference how to generate a UPC-A barcode for any value

Quick Fixes and Change Log

  • IPDESK-2438: When a backorder is created, audits are now being applied to the back order.
  • IPDESK-2455: Fixed an issue where update triggers were running when they shouldn’t have been.
  • IPDESK-2456: Within the 3PL Billing module, the Extended Charge field in backup fields is now only being applied to the rows that the charge applies to.
  • IPDES-2460: Fixed an issue with using a script to populate an integer custom field.
  • IPDESK-2461: Fixed an issue so that LOB, SKU, ASN, Receipt, and Order on a serial number are all contingent against one another.
  • IPDESK-2470: Added a new method to produce UPC-A barcodes for any value in a barcode template (see the updated article in the previous section for more info).
  • IPDESK-2473: Added new functions in email templates to allow for displaying line items that didn’t ship, or the ability to show a custom list of line items.

Topics: EDI, Barcodes, Smart Documents, UPC-A Barcode, 128 Barcode, Insights, Carriers, Rate Shopping

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