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    November 11, 2016

    Product Update: Automatic Send to External Shipping Systems, No-Stock Recovery Process Improvements, and Detailed Invoices

    Automatic Send to External Shipping Systems

    Another improvement to connections with External Shipping Systems (such as ShipStation) has been released. You can now choose to automatically send orders to an External Shipping System when you run a Fulfillment Process. This eliminates a manual step in your workflow to save time and help ensure that all orders are sent every time.

    This feature is enabled through two new fields on the Fulfillment Plan table, which are also available if you run a Fulfillment Process without a Plan.  

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    More Details on Invoices

    Based on your feedback, the depth of information that can be included on your Order Invoices produced by Infoplus has been expanded. This can help both you and your customer see what is in their shipment, and is useful for those cases where it differs from what they ordered.  

    • Shipped Quantity and Backordered Quantity can now be displayed for each line item.
    • By turning on the the “Explode All Contents” option, the Invoice will display all components of on-demand Kits, as well as substituted items.  

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    No-Stock Recovery Process Improvements

    The No-Stock Recovery process now automatically handles the steps to recover when an order with a single line item is found to be in a no-stock situation, instead of directing you to handle it manually.  

    This means there is no longer a need to manually unfulfill that order, or manually adjust out the inventory that was out of stock.

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    Bonus Optimization

    The Bulk Load functionality in Infoplus has been upgraded significantly, with a 400% increase in speed on the Bulk Load Items (based on our test files with 1,000 or more records). The improvements made will also help with all tables throughout Infoplus.

    Changelog: Release 52

    • IPWMS-6238 - Automate push-to ship station
    • IPWMS-6255 - Updates to Invoice optionally include more data about shipment
    • IPWMS-6256 - Improve UX for no-stock recovery for single line order that's not allocatable
    • IPWMS-6195 - Improve speed and scalability of Bulk adding, editing and deleting Items
    • IPWMS-6248 - Bulk Load of Quick Receipts fails without good error message if file has unknown SKU
    • IPWMS-6250 - Add chaining for KOD to Orderable quantities (which are pushed to shopping cart connections)

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