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    April 2, 2019

    Product Update: Barcodes and Smart Documents for your Orders for Retailers and SKU level Pricing, Serial Number Inventory Management, and More...

    In this week’s updates to Infoplus - new options for creating Smart Documents and Barcode Templates for order and ASN lines, updates to the Transform Inventory process to support serial numbers and partial quantities, plus a handful of quick fixes.

    New Features

    Create Smart Documents and Barcode Templates for an ASN/Order Line or an ASN/Order Line Each

    Infoplus users now have the ability to create Smart Documents and Barcode Templates for Order Lines, ASN lines, Order Line Eaches, or ASN Line Eaches. Previously, Smart Documents and Barcode Templates could only produce 1 document per order. Use this new feature to easily create custom barcodes for every line on an order, for example.

    Product Updates

    Transform Inventory with Serial Numbers and Partial Quantities

    The Transform Inventory process has been updated to support transforming items that have serial numbers. There’s a new “Item Serials” section in the transform process where desired serial numbers can be chosen to transform. Also, a partial quantity can now be specified during the transform process so it’s no longer an “all or nothing” process.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    Updated Articles

    Quick Fixes and Change Log

    • IPWMS-10602: New User Type field added with possible types that include 3PL Admin, 3PL Customer, and Retailer.
    • IPDESK-2454: Fixed an issue where 3rd party parcel billing data wasn’t being considered when creating return labels for orders in “On Order” status.
    • IPDESK-2453: Fixed an issue where the Mass Distribution process was allowing labels to be created for previously shipped orders.
    • IPDESK-2433: Increased the character limit of the “Production Lot” field from 12 to 100 characters when recording Production Lots via Receiving Worksheets.
    • IPDESK-2444: Fixed an issue where the status of parcel shipment records were not being updated when orders were shipped through ShipStation.
    • IPDESK-2441: Fixed an issue where a Mass Distribution could fail if the batch size was greater than 1000.

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