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    March 18, 2019

    Product Update: Blind Receiving, Custom 3PL Billing Backup Support, Performance Enhancements for Large Order Files

    In this week’s updates to Infoplus - Blind Receiving without an ASN and Enhancements to 3PL Billing Backup Files. Also included in this week’s release are performance improvements to reduce the amount of time orders staying in “pending” status and reduced load times for viewing/editing large (100+ lines) orders.

    New Features

    Blind Receiving without an ASN

    Infoplus users now have the option to “Blind Receive” items without needing an ASN. Configure an item to not require an ASN, then scan the item in the Receiving app. Select the Blind Receiving option then receive as you normally would, without the ASN requirement.

    Product Updates

    Enhancements to 3PL Billing Backup Files

    Several enhancements have been made to the backup files that are produced during the 3PL Billing process.

    • New column in the backup file, “Extended Charge”, which indicates the cost associated with that line.
    • Infoplus scripts can now interact with this new column to customize how it’s being calculated.
    • The naming convention of the backup files has been updated to make it easier to identify the worksheet and line they’re associated with.

    Knowledge Base Updates

    New Articles

    Updated Articles

    Quick Fixes and Change Log

    • IPWMS-9387: Performance improvements to reduce the amount of time an order stays in “Pending” status.
    • IPDESK-2428: Performance improvements to improve load times for large (100+ lines) orders.
    • IPDESK-2426: Corrected an issue where failed orders were still being imported from WooCommerce.
    • IPDESK-2436: Corrected an issue where certain orders from WooCommerce were being imported twice.
    • IPDESK-2422: Fixed an issue where metrics on wallboards were not updating in a timely manner.

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