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    November 16, 2018

    Product Update: Bug Fixes and Performance Increases

    This week's release is focused on bug fixes and performance increases. Read more below to see the changes made to Infoplus this week.


    IPDESK-2240: Updated the freight amounts (charges) stored on multi-piece parcel shipments to only reflect the total price of the multi-piece shipment on the lead carton.
    IPDESK-2237: Fixed intermittent errors that could happen when executing Quick Receipts.
    IPDESK-2233: Fixed issues caused by re-loading an order in Ship Station app, then voiding one of the cartons.
    IPDESK-2228: Improved error messages from Woo Commerce connections that have been disconnected from Woo Commerce.
    IPDESK-2226: Speed improvements for sending orders to External Shipping Systems (i.e., ShipStation) when using an Infoplus script.
    IPDESK-2211: Added validation checks on the size of decimal values on the following tables: Billing Rule, Invoice Worksheet, Order, Fulfillment Process, Inventory Adjustment, Quick Receipt, and Quick Adjustment.

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