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    October 19, 2018

    Product Update: Bug Fixes, Shopify, Override Return Address Table, and More.

    This week’s release is focused on updates to our Shopify integration and support for non-US addresses in the Override Return Address table. Read more below to learn about the recent bug fixes and improved error messaging surrounding the execution of inventory adjustments.

    Override Return Address - Support for non-US Addresses

    Infoplus now supports non-US addresses when creating a new override return address. This process is useful if you ship orders for multiple clients and you want the return address to display the client’s name and not your company name.

    IPDESK-2186: Updated Item table to support unit weights up to 9,999,999 lbs.
    IPDESK-2179: Fixed some cases of after-field event handlers not running in Firefox (example: on Quick Receipt, after selecting SKU). This allows for weights to automatically populate on Quick Receipts after selecting a SKU.
    IPDESK-2177: Fixed bug in packing station where if no carton type was selected and a packing slip with the carton name field was being generated, the packing data would not be stored.
    IPDESK-2176: Fix duplicate action on Shopping Cart Connection table to not copy access code and related fields.
    IPDESK-2174: Fixed bug where unicode characters in BillTo fields were breaking when creating orders via the API.
    IPDESK-2172: Added support for non-US addresses in Override Return Address table.
    IPDESK-2167: Updated execution of inventory adjustments to issue an error if the quantity in the location being adjusted has changed since user requested the adjustment (to prevent some cases of inventory integrity issues).
    IPDESK-2166: Updated Shopping Cart Connection table's delete action to uninstall Shopify webhooks.
    IPDESK-2165: Updated Shopify integration to not attempt to push inventory levels to Shopify for items without inventory management turned on (this stops HTTP 422 errors from Shopify from that case).

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