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    September 29, 2017

    Product Update: Bulk Load Fixes, New API Fields, and Flexible Scheduling of Plans

    The following update encompasses the last two product sprints done by our team (Sprint 72 & 73).

    Per-Order Item Substitutions

    You can now replace line items on an order with a new SKU, while retaining the pricing for the item. If a shopping cart connection is setup, the SCC handles this replacement when pushing back updates.


    More Data Access in User Report Scripts

    A few months ago, we added the ability to use Scripts to customize User Reports.  Now, these scripts have been updated so that they can also access the Infoplus API, to fetch additional data from other record types, to give more customizability and flexibility in your custom reporting from Infoplus.


    Flexible Scheduling of Plans and Subscriptions

    Based on users requesting the ability to schedule their plans and subscriptions to run at the specific minute they want them, we have added the ability to schedule plans and subscriptions using Cron Strings in the advanced section of the Scheduling screens.  A Cron String can also be used to setup a single schedule that runs, for example, every hour (instead of having to create 24 schedules to do this).  

    Read about how to Use Cron Strings to Schedule Subscriptions and Plans on the Knowledge Base:


    More Actions Available in the Infoplus API

    You now have the ability to execute quick receipts and quick adjustments via the Infoplus API. This includes execution of single or many quick receipts/adjustments.  With this capability, you can fully manage inventory levels for your items through the API.  

    Bonus Bug Fixes

    Order Bulk Load Improvements

    We have addressed a handful of bugs in Order Bulk Load that would cause errors without giving users any helpful information. Some of these issues include:

    • Missing leading 0’s on zip codes
    • Validation of field lengths
    • Decimal field scale/precision
    • Proper handling of first name & last name fields


    Ability to Use Pre Allocation Weight for Triggers

    Our users let us know that they were wanting to build triggers based on pre-allocation estimated weight, but unfortunately, that value wasn’t always known at the time orders were created. With this update, value is available at the time of order creation, allowing for more advanced trigger setups.

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