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Product Update: Support for Canada Post, Bug Fixes and More.

This week's release is all around small improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.  Canada Post is now available across the Shipping and Manifest modules.  In addition, when setting up a third party parcel account, Canada Post is now also available. 

IPDESK-2127: Update to prevent multiple users from receiving the same PO lot at the same time in Receiving app
IPDESK-2135: Improved URL field validation in Shopping Cart Connection alternate URL setup
IPDESK-2136: Updated Shopping Cart Connection to allow unicode characters in Carrier mappings
IPDESK-2139: Fixed Create Return Labels process to support orders which originally had Saturday delivery option
IPDESK-2145: Fixed Create Return Labels process to support orders that were originally delivered via FedEx Home/residential service
IPDESK-2152: Updated Quick Receipts to support longer Production Lot values (up to 100 characters)
IPDESK-2157: Added ability to setup Third Party Parcel accounts for Canada Post

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