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    March 31, 2017

    Product Update: Cancelled Orders, Order Pending Status, and Parcel Invoice Uploads for 3PL Billing

    Cancelled Orders

    Infoplus has added the ability for you to cancel orders that you do not want to ship, but that you do want to keep a record of within Infoplus.  A cancelled order will not be allowed to run through fulfillment or to ship, nor will it place any inventory demand on your items. In the past, you would have to delete an order like this that you didn’t want to ship, but now you can keep track of the order and make sure it doesn’t go out the door.

    To use this new feature, run the new Cancel Order processes, available on the Orders table in Infoplus (or if you need to undo it, Uncancel Order). You can search for your cancelled orders using the Order Status field on the Order table.

    Order Pending Status

    If you have a critical trigger that you depend on running before your orders ship, there has always been a possible window of time between when your order was placed and before your trigger ran, where the order may have been pulled into a fulfillment process before the trigger ran.  This situation will no longer be possible, because now when orders land in Infoplus they will initially be in an Order Status of Pending until your triggers have had a chance to process the order.

    When an order is Pending, most actions will be blocked, including pulling the order into a fulfillment process.  To get an order out of the Pending status, you have to wait a few minutes until the triggers have had a chance to run, and then the order will automatically go to On Order status, where it will be available for fulfillment.

    Parcel Invoice Uploads for 3PL Billing

    Our new 3PL Billing app continues to expand, now giving you the ability to upload your UPS and FedEx parcel invoices into Infoplus. When you do this, Infoplus will parse the files into a normalized format, so your data will look the same for both carriers.  

    As we continue to develop the 3PL Billing app, it will soon give you the ability to reconcile your Parcel Invoice Lines with activity in Infoplus (Orders, Shipments, and Lines of Business), and will then allow you to create line items on 3PL invoices based on rules you can define in Infoplus that work on the data you have uploaded.  

    Changelog: Release 61

    • IPWMS-6587 - Add new "Cancelled", "Pending" and "Errored" Order Statuses
    • IPWMS-6687 - Create basic 3PL billing activity for Freight Activity
    • IPWMS-6515 - Receiving Worksheet performance issues

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