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    February 23, 2018

    Product Update: Enhanced Serial Numbers and More

    Item Serial Numbers

    Infoplus has released an enhanced set of serial number tracking capabilities, to give you more control and flexibility for tracking specific units in your inventory.  

    • In the Infoplus receiving app, you can now capture serial numbers for each item that is being received.
    • You can also record serial numbers on the outbound in the Infoplus shipping app.  
    • You can view a record of serial numbers that you have recorded in the Item Serial table, to see what serial numbers you have received, what you have shipped, and what you currently have in inventory.
    • In addition, you can configure your items to capture additional identifiers, either inbound, outbound, or both.  

    To get started with serial numbers in infoplus, reach out to our support team today. 


    IPWMS-9034: Mass distribution no longer requires weight check at the Ship Station.
    IPWMS-8794: Capture serial numbers during IOA receiving per each item that is being received.
    IPDESK-1663: Fixed an issue involving making edits to ASNs.
    IPDESK-1660: Discounts for Shopify are now successfully being pulled into orders within Infoplus.
    IPDESK-1656: Resolved an issue relating to international shipments not pushing proper tracking information to eBay.
    IPDESK-1640: When placing an order within Infoplus, order date is no longer a required field.

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