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We have seven core values; and they all apply to every part of the company, the people, and the products. 
With every release of Infoplus, we hope you see them coming through. 

Product Update: Finance System Connections and More.

Infoplus can now connect to your finance system, like Quickbooks, to automate the flow of data. Seamlessly automate the flow of sales-orders, purchase-orders, receipts, and more. Two new tables, ‘Finance System Connection’ and ‘Finance System Connection Log’ have been added. If you’re interested in setting this up for your business, contact Infoplus Support today!

IPWMS-9890: Vendor price not mapping to cost field
IPDESK-2138: HTTP 422 Error when attempting to send shipment info
IPDESK-2217: Duplicate ASN fix

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