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    September 1, 2017

    Product Update: Fulfillment Speeds, Interactive Receiving, BigCommerce, and More

    Fulfillment Processing 2.0 (Beta)

    In our latest release, Infoplus has launched version 2.0 (beta) of Fulfillment Processing. In this new version, we have focused on radically changing the speed of the allocation phase of fulfillment, while maintaining complete backward-compatibility with version 1.0. This means that your fulfillment operations will continue to function the same as they have in the past, only you'll get that work out of Infoplus faster than ever before.

    In our internal testing, batches of 20 or more orders are showing a speed-up factor of between 15 and 30, while larger batches with 100 orders or more are seeing a speed-up factor of 50 or more. We’ll be doing a staged rollout of this feature to all of our clients over the next few weeks, and we will be reaching out to let you know when it’s available on your site.

    New Warehouse Ops Feature: Interactive Receiving

    Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 2.36.01 PM.png

    We know users want to receive inventory as efficiently and as effortlessly as possible. This release includes a highly requested feature: the ability to receive inventory in an easy to use, interactive form. Opening up the Inventory tab within our beta Warehouse Ops Apps will show the new app simply called Receiving.

    You will now be able to receive against open ASN’s (PO’s) directly from our mobile app. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on this update. A detailed ‘how-to’ guide will be available in our Knowledge Base starting next week.

    BigCommerce Shopping Cart Connection

    Big Commerce is here! Users of this powerful Ecommerce platform can now seamlessly integrate their online store with Infoplus. Your orders will all be sent from BigCommerce to Infoplus as soon as they are placed, and Shipments and Inventory Levels will be pushed to BigCommerce in real-time.  

    The integration is as easy as all of our Shopping Cart Connections, and any BigCommerce customers can use the integration starting now. Contact Infoplus Support today to get started!

    New Actions available in the Infoplus API

    We have expanded the power of the Infoplus API in this release, by now enabling you to run some of the Actions on your data that could previously only be executed from the Infoplus desktop. In the latest release of Infoplus, you can now execute Quick Receipts or Quick Adjustments from the Infoplus API or from a Script within Infoplus. We will be adding the ability to run additional Actions over time, and your feedback will help us prioritize which actions to enable next.  

    More Capabilities with Item Vendors

    You can now create a new ASN for a Vendor, directly within Infoplus, using the new Create ASN For Vendor process within Infoplus.  You’ll be given the choice of adding all Items that are associated with that vendor to the ASN, or only Items currently in Low Stock status.  

    To take advantage of this new feature, you can now assign Vendors to Items as well, from the Items table in Infoplus.  

    Knowledge Base Articles for Sprint 70 & 71:

    Fulfillment Processing 2.0:

    Using a Script to Customize Warehouse Apps Input:

    Integrating BigCommerce with Infoplus (How-To): Added to the KB starting next week.


    Passed Stories for Sprint 70 & 71

    IPWMS-5630: Interactive Receiving

    IPWMS-7902: Fulfillment Speed

    IPWMS-7951: Integration to BigCommerce

    IPWMS-7811: Alert users in Ship Station if serial or sequence numbers need to be recorded

    IPWMS-7916: Ability to Run Processes in the Infoplus API (Quick receipts/adjustments)

    IPWMS-7820: Enhance Smart Docs to use Infoplus Scripts

    IPWMS-7861: ASN for Vendor (Set a vendor for items)

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