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    November 21, 2018

    Product Update: Improvements to Item Receipts, Packing Slip Templates, and More.

    This week’s release is focused on improvements to Item Receipts, Packing Slip Templates, and search functionality in tables. Read more below to see the changes made to Infoplus this week.

    Issues relating to the number of results returned from the ‘Contains Text’ searches have been corrected. You can now get accurate results for up to 100,000 results in a ‘Contains Text’ search. You can also reliably run bulk actions on the results of a ‘Contains Text’ search.

    Editing Item Receipts

    Now you can edit Item Receipt records directly within Infoplus, regardless of what status they are in. You can edit them individually, or in bulk; this gives you the ability to correct or adjust data that was entered at the time of receiving. For example, you can edit a receipt’s weight, units per case, or distribution date. Try it out today.

    Additional Fields in Packing Slip Templates

    You can now add additional fields to the line item section of your Packing Slip Templates. You can choose to show the weight for each line item, the number of pallets shipping on the line, and/or the Production Lots that were shipped for the line. These fields are only available if your packing slip is not per-carton.


    IPDESK-2239: Fixed the case where alerts were not being given from certain shopping cart connection errors when exporting inventory levels.
    IPWMS-10091: Made new line-item detail fields available in Packing Slip Templates. Updated printed work tickets to always show LOB name instead of ID.
    IPDESK-2233: Fixed issues caused by re-loading an order in the Ship Station app, then voiding one of the cartons.
    IPDESK-2224: Improved error message given in Infoplus when attempting to ship an order with more cartons than a carrier supports.

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