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    February 22, 2017

    Product Update: EDI, International Shipping, Optimized Warehouse Picking, and Mobile Inventory Cycle Counting

    EDI Connections

    Infoplus has launched a new EDI Connections application, allowing you to connect your EDI partners to Infoplus, to automatically connect orders, inventory, routing and shipping information.

    Within Infoplus, you can configure the basics of how your connection works, such as how SKUs and carriers are mapped.  Once it’s setup and working, all of your EDI document level transactions are visible in Infoplus, where you can take advantage of the Infoplus Building Blocks to setup your Dashboard, Smart Filters, Triggers, Alerts, and more, to help manage your day-to-day EDI activity.

    The initial connection we have available is with our partners at SPS Commerce. Work with your Account Manager to start using the new EDI applications and to learn how to become a beta tester for the next version of the EDI application allowing you to setup your own AS2 connection and end points, either to your own VANs or directly to your retailers and EDI partners.

    International Shipping

    You now have the ability to ship orders internationally with UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS without leaving Infoplus or the Infoplus Shipping applications.  Parcel labels for international orders are be produced the same way as domestic orders, so you don’t need a special workflow on your warehouse floor to get your international orders out the door.

    To get started using international shipping in Infoplus, please contact your Account Manager or our support team today.

    Optimized Warehouse Picking

    You talk, we listen. Based on feedback from the holiday season, Infoplus has introduced a new set of controls that can be applied to the core inventory allocation algorithms to go beyond our existing options of Strict FIFO, Weak FIFO, and Labor Optimized.

    These new controls allow us help you tune your allocation strategy for your particular needs, such as preferring to avoid splitting cases, minimizing the number of picks, or giving priority to picks which deplete locations.

    Reach out to your Account Manager or the Infoplus support team for a personal demo of how these new optimizations can be used to increase productivity in your operations.

    Inventory Cycle Counts

    Choose a subset of your Warehouse Locations and create Cycle Count work, which will direct your floor to do cycle counts of those locations.  You can also specify a percentage threshold which, if the inventory difference is within the threshold, Infoplus will perform an automatic adjustment (or you can choose to have all discrepancies logged for a supervisor to manually review and adjust).  

    All of your Cycle Counts are logged in a new table in the Inventory Management application, for historical review, as well.

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